Wednesday, November 3, 2010

First snow's sinus infection

The first snow has finally hit Anchorage and not just the hillside, it wasn't much but it stuck. Now to get more so it doesn't look down right ugly outside. It's supposedly going to snow tomorrow and Friday so we will have to wait and see. I have always loved winter, I can always be heard saying I rather be cold than hot, cause its so much easier warming up then cooling down. Plus when it snows its just magical and peaceful and so beautiful out. Now if people could only remember how to drive in it. Yesterday people were not having to much of a problem, of course the roads were clear so not like they had to much to worry about, its the first snow fall that really dumps on us that people forget how to drive in the snow. I tend to try and stay off the roads on those days if at all possible.

I sadly have come down with my first illness of the winter, I have a sinus infection, oh the joys of pressure in your head. This one isn't as bad as I have had in the past, but it still isn't fun to have, I feel like someone is banging a hammer on my head. Hopefully my meds will knock this one out and I will be back to normal shortly.

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Jane said...

I wish we had snow! I hope you feel better. Eat some soup and keep warm. HUGS!