Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A few Pictures

As you all know I love taking pictures, I seem to have an eye for pictures of well animals and plant life. I thought I would share two recent pictures that I have taken. this first one is of a moose that came to the apartments a few weeks ago looking for some food.This next one is of Kramer, he was sitting on the table next to the flowers Richard got me for Valentine's Day looking through the flowers I thought it was cool so I took a picture of him.

Monday, February 15, 2010


I weighed myself today and I have lost 3 pounds so far!!!!! WOOHOO!!! I can also walk a lot easier today then I could yesterday, I was hurting so bad, leaving the apartment was a chore cause of the stairs and having to bend my knees, but I did it anyways. Exercising today wasn't so bad either so we shall see what tomorrows work out shall bring.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Feel the Burn Baby!

So I got a new game for the Nintendo Wii today called EA Sports Active. This one doesn't require the fitness board which is good seeing as how I am to heavy fort the board at this time. But this game is I believe TONS better than the Wii Fit one. I was sweating like a pig in a wool blanket in 90 degree weather. I really feel it now too! SO I do believe this one is going to work great and it is only about an 18-20 minute work out but man oh man I was dragging by the end of it. I had to go take a hot bath just so I could bend my legs to walk. Hopefully I can keep this up.

In other health news, I am once again sleeping through the night *happy dance* I love being able to sleep through the night, the doc was right, my lack of Vitamin D was causing my sleep problems. Today I also up my pill intake by one pill. So far everything seems to be going ok and no major problems to worry about.

till later
Adios and much love

Sunday, February 7, 2010

New truck a pill popping

We got the '04 Dodge Dakota! Everything checked out and it's in great condition! In fact there it is in the picture above sitting in our parking spot, isn't it purty? It handles great, which is nice to know seeing as how it had snowed for the last couple of days. The only problem we have is the neighbors who live above us, she uses the spot next to our for her explorer and parks damn near on the yellow line making it hard for us to just pull into our spot, we have decided to back into our spot and have put a complaint in to the landlord about it.

So Thursday was my Doctors appointment to go over my lab results. She was happy with the results except for the high cholesterol and lack of Vitamin D, which I was expecting. I am not flirting with being a diabetic which is nice but she says I am pre pre diabetic and that I can easily become a diabetic if I don't take the steps now to stop it. We also found out that I am insulin resistant so am now on medication for that, along with having to take a multi vitamin, vitamin D, Folic Acid, Fish oil, fiber and my allergy meds. I am a pill popping fool at the moment and it's only going to get worse. The Rx that I'm on I have to increase the amount I take by 1 pill a week till I'm up to 4 pills a day, which at that time I will be taking 15 pills and a nasal spray! I never thought I would be taking so many pills in my entire life, but if it helps me get better and loose weight I am all for it right now. I am on day 3 of taking 11pills a day and doing good. Oh and in a couple of months the pill amount will go down once I get my vitamin D levels up where they need to be.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Buggernation and Fuckery

This week has not started out the best for us. Monday I got a call right after I woke up from the auto shop saying that the Land Rover in all its glory was going to be very expensive to fix and rather than fix it that we should just get a new car. You know it's bad when your mechanic tells you to get a new car that they think it isn't worth it to fix it. It had oil leaks, the power steering was going out, the drive line is minutes from breaking, in fact he said he was surprised it hadn't broke on us yet, it needs new tires, the battery is corroded and in bad shape, there was a wire to the starter that needed to be replaced and well you get the picture. So I called mom up and told her about what they said and she said not to have them fix it and that we will look for a new car. In the mean time we are borrowing Richards mom's car. This comes to play in the next paragraph

On Richards way home for lunch in his mom's car he ended up hitting a moose on the frontage road between Omalley and Dimond on Monday as well. The moose had crossed the road and was headed up to the freeway when something spooked it and it turned to run back across the road. Richard was only going about 20mph and slammed on the breaks and did nothing but slide on the ice. The moose's jaw made contact with the windshield and spiderweb cracked it on the left hand side. That's it! The moose ran off and no other damage was done. So his mom's front windshield has a nice crack in it and moose slobber. I will get a picture of it prob tomorrow to show you all the damage.

We also had to take his mom out to the Valley on Monday and work with his dad for a couple of hours which wasn't so bad, besides not leaving the valley till 11pm. Then once in Anchorage at the corner of Airport Heights and Debarr turning on to Debar we turned wide and got pulled over by a cop!!!! All because we turned in to the farthest lane instead of the nearest one. There was no one coming and in the middle of the turn the light turned green. This is at about midnight and there was no traffic at all. The cop didn't give us a ticket so we only got a warning but we got a fix it ticket because his mom had the car insurance card in her wallet.

So some good news, Richard and I might have found our new car or well I should say truck. Its a 2004 Dodge Dakota, 2 door extended cab, 4wheel drive, its silver and a stick which Richard likes and its a reasonable price which mom likes since she is the one buying us the car cause she won't cosign a loan with us. We are going to test drive it tomorrow then take it to our mechanic just to make sure that there isn't anything wrong with it and if it all works out we will get it. So hopefully by Friday we should have a new mode of transportation.