Friday, July 29, 2011

Singing Hot, hot, hot

Our oven got fixed, the element just needed to be replaced and I can tell the difference, doesn't take nearly as long as it used to for the oven to warm up. But now, we are waiting for a new dishwasher. It was leaking before the oven acted up, Mike from maintenance came and ran it a few times and it didn't leak once, didn't leak again until after we got the stove fixed. I called the landlord and left a message about our dishwasher needing a huggie and hadn't heard from her about it. Then yesterday got a call from her saying that either today or Monday or Tuesday I would be getting a new dishwasher. But as I stated above we are waiting so it didn't happen today. So until we get the new one I am washing dishes by hand cause I don't want a bunch of dishes sitting in the dishwasher when they come to replace it.

Meanwhile our apartment is Hot, hot, hot, it gets to about 80 degrees in here during the day and that's with all 4 windows open and the fan going, I love the nice sunny days but don't love how hot our place gets. But at the same time the nice days are a good thing cause maintenance is painting the buildings, and outside our dinning room window we now have the lovely view of scaffolding. A change of view for the worse I say. Plus we get to look at it all weekend cause they don't work on the weekend, Joy (not).

Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Oven Threw a Hissy Fit

I was preheating the oven tonight so I could make dinner, it was all going per usual, I set the temp and walked away for a bit then walked back in to see if it was ready. As I was standing there the oven made this weird noise and then there were sparks and a white-ish light coming from the vent that is under the rear right burner. It looked like there was a fire in our oven. I quickly turned the oven off and opened the door to see what the heck was going on. I couldn't see what was wrong but Richard looked and said it looked like the element was going out on it. It was glowing almost like the oven had a light in it, which it doesn't and just in that one spot. I called our land lord and left a message about it for her, she called me back a few hours later to ask about what was going on and to let me know that Maintenance will be here tomorrow to look at our stove and fix it or replace it. So needless to say after our stove had its little fit, dinner went into the fridge to be cooked at a later date and we ate something else. So not what I was expecting to happen tonight, oh well can't say my life is dull.

In other news, I'm no longer working with DVR, it was a mutual decision for me to stop working with them for now. In time if I want to go back to them I can, but since I haven't gotten very far with them, we decided to stop for now. Which is fine cause it gives me a chance to focus on my health and get it in check. For those still wondering yes I still have a big announcement to make on here but its taking me a bit longer than I thought to get to the point where I want to share what I am up to.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Computer Story.

What a day today was, it all started at 5am when I awoke with a start because I thought Richard had to work today and the alarm didn't go off, thankfully I realized it was Saturday before I woke him up. Then I couldn't go back to sleep, so I have been up since my 5am wake up call.

At 10am Richard called Best Buy to see if our computer was finally done and it was so we get ourselves out of the construction zone that is our neighborhood and head off to pick it up. We get the computer and ask to talk to a manager cause we got really lousy service from Geek Squad cause we only ever got one phone call from them asking if it was ok to send our computer out of state to get a new motherboard. We told the manager it was lousy customer service and we thought we should bring it to their attention. Then we were on our way home with our working computer, or so we thought. We get home hook it up, turn it on and then we get a screen that says we need to put the reboot discs in. We were just told it was done and working and we had 30 day guarantee and we have had it less than an hour and back to Best buy we go. We once again make our way through construction hell and end up back where we just were not to long ago. As we walk in the Manager who we talked to was right there at the doors and his face just fell when he saw us, I being smart took a picture of what the computer screen said and showed it to him, all three of us walk back to geek squad, showed the guy the picture and he goes, and I quote "man this is embarrassing, we didn't put the operating system back on." THEY FORGOT TO REBOOT THE COMPUTER!

Richard and I sit there as the guy puts the recovery discs in, and we wait, and we wait and we wait, while the operating system gets installed. Finally after watching the grass grow, the paint dry and Christmas come and go its all installed and the computer decides to find a corrupt file and not load the right way. Imagine me beating my head against the geek squad desk out of frustration. No I didn't actually do it but man did I want to. While we were waiting for the computer to fail the manager came over and said we were going to get a $50 gift card to Best Buy for our inconvenience. Geek squad guy says leave the computer here and I will try to reboot it again and give you a call when I'm done. Off we go back to construction hell aka our apartment.

I have gone off with mom for lunch and then to go return the cat she was watching to its owner, while getting the cat ready to go I missed the call from Geek Squad Guy and a call from Richard. So I return Richards call and he tells me that they can't fix our computer at all but that we are getting a full refund of what we paid for it last year in store credit and a refund of what's left of the protection plan and they have a computer that is about the same if not slightly better then the one we had all picked out for us if we want it. Mom drops me off at Best Buy so I can meet up with Richard for my 3rd, yes count it 3rd trip in there today. We decide to go with the computer they picked out, and surprise, surprise its on sale (Sweet!) not only was it on sale so was the 2 year protection plan. So we didn't have to spend a dime to get the new computer or new 2 year protection plan and we walked out of there with $25.00 CASH! Not very many customers can say they went into Best Buy and made money.

So, We ended up getting a brand spanking new still in the box computer, a $50.00 gift card to best buy and $25.00 cash, not a bad haul for a very stressful morning.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Computers and Birthday

I'm still fighting with our laptop, but so far this entry is going better then the last one. Talked to Geek Squad before the 4th of July, our computer was failing the diagnostics first because of the memory then when they got that figured out they had to replace the hard drive then we got the phone call saying that it needed a new motherboard and in order for that to happen it had to leave state so they needed my permission to send it out. I gave them my permission and that is where we are at with that. It's getting a new motherboard and so far not costing us a dime to get it fixed cause it has been all hardware issues. All I know is I want my computer back. I am sick of fighting with my laptop to do the simplest of things, like closing a chat window to continue on doing something else.

I have had some fun this last weekend. Richard and I got to hang out with our friends Kaori and Peter who are up till August. They live down in Texas but both want to move up here when they can cause they miss being up here, I miss them being up here too. I invited them to go out with us for my birthday dinner on Monday so that's going to be fun. Kaori hasn't been around for my birthday in years, so it will nice to celebrate it with her, Peter, Richard, mom and Kaori and Peters little boy.