Friday, July 8, 2011

Computers and Birthday

I'm still fighting with our laptop, but so far this entry is going better then the last one. Talked to Geek Squad before the 4th of July, our computer was failing the diagnostics first because of the memory then when they got that figured out they had to replace the hard drive then we got the phone call saying that it needed a new motherboard and in order for that to happen it had to leave state so they needed my permission to send it out. I gave them my permission and that is where we are at with that. It's getting a new motherboard and so far not costing us a dime to get it fixed cause it has been all hardware issues. All I know is I want my computer back. I am sick of fighting with my laptop to do the simplest of things, like closing a chat window to continue on doing something else.

I have had some fun this last weekend. Richard and I got to hang out with our friends Kaori and Peter who are up till August. They live down in Texas but both want to move up here when they can cause they miss being up here, I miss them being up here too. I invited them to go out with us for my birthday dinner on Monday so that's going to be fun. Kaori hasn't been around for my birthday in years, so it will nice to celebrate it with her, Peter, Richard, mom and Kaori and Peters little boy.

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