Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Oven Threw a Hissy Fit

I was preheating the oven tonight so I could make dinner, it was all going per usual, I set the temp and walked away for a bit then walked back in to see if it was ready. As I was standing there the oven made this weird noise and then there were sparks and a white-ish light coming from the vent that is under the rear right burner. It looked like there was a fire in our oven. I quickly turned the oven off and opened the door to see what the heck was going on. I couldn't see what was wrong but Richard looked and said it looked like the element was going out on it. It was glowing almost like the oven had a light in it, which it doesn't and just in that one spot. I called our land lord and left a message about it for her, she called me back a few hours later to ask about what was going on and to let me know that Maintenance will be here tomorrow to look at our stove and fix it or replace it. So needless to say after our stove had its little fit, dinner went into the fridge to be cooked at a later date and we ate something else. So not what I was expecting to happen tonight, oh well can't say my life is dull.

In other news, I'm no longer working with DVR, it was a mutual decision for me to stop working with them for now. In time if I want to go back to them I can, but since I haven't gotten very far with them, we decided to stop for now. Which is fine cause it gives me a chance to focus on my health and get it in check. For those still wondering yes I still have a big announcement to make on here but its taking me a bit longer than I thought to get to the point where I want to share what I am up to.

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Jane said...

That is...weird and scary. Angry oven is angry.

Sorry DVR didn't work out. But you know what you need most! :)