Wednesday, February 18, 2015

50 Shades of Insurance

Since my last post things got well........ um........... interesting to say the least. I got a surprise in my bank account at the beginning of the month and no it wasn't a good one, my health insurance that I was forced into getting got really really expensive with out notice, it went from $82.00 a month to $430.00 *thud* I about died when that was pulled out of my account. I don't have that kind of money just laying around. Needless to say I have canceled my health insurance which would of been over $200.00 this month, oh yeah and that is including the credit I was getting of $318.00 so yeah affordable my ass. I had to choose to either have health insurance and living on the street or a place to live and taking the fine next year. I took the second option, I think I made the right choice.For those wondering why I don't get put on hubby's health insurance it's because again we would have to choose place to live or insurance.

 On a totally different note, I posted on Facebook about how I was sick of hearing people complaining about 50 Shades of Grey. How it romanticizes abuse and blah blah blah. I voiced my opinion saying that it's just a freaking fiction book and how if any woman went yes I want to be in an abusive relationship after reading that book is messed up in the head. Also compaired it to people being butt hurt over violent video games and music causing people to go kill people and how most people who do play and or listen to that stuff don't act out.I also stated that I haven't read the books and am not going to go out of my way to read them. Anyways someone who was against the movie responded to my post and accused me of finding stalking romantic. EXCUSE ME, WHAT???? no where in my post did I say that, I as I stated above said I hadn't read the books. I told her that and that I have been married almost 11 years and how I know what romance is because my marriage is a happy one and that she could basically stuff it. I unfriended her because I don't need anyone who accuses me of thinking stalking is romantic as a friend and she obviously doesn't know me very well.  I'm still a little pissed about that. I can't believe she said that. Oh well it's done and over with.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

First post of the new year

HOLY SMOKES it's time for an update. I am closing in on one year soda and dessert free, let me tell you there were times where it was pretty hard, like right now for one. I have been craving freaking donuts for a week now. I keep telling myself I just have till the 27th of this month and I can have a few.  I haven't really missed soda, there have been a few days where I'm like god that sounds good but they were few and far between, and mostly when my throat was bothering me, like it is now, stupid cold. Once my self imposed year ban is over with I think I will continue to be mostly soda free, I will have one every once in a while, I am also going to try and control how much dessert/ junk food I consume. I do rather well and don't have too much at one shot but when I get a craving for it or have had a particularly hard day I always want to go get some junk food. I need to really watch that and this year with out it has really opened my eyes about how I deal when I get upset. I AM AN EMOTIONAL EATER! I am going to try and be hyper aware of that this year and try not to turn to food when I get upset.

As I mentioned earlier I have a slight cold, nothing to bad really just a sore throat and a tiny bit of a runny nose and some sneezing. This winter has been really mild and I haven't been sick till now which was kinda impressive. Just my normal allergies and that was it. I have to wonder if this is just the start of my cold season this winter. I hope not I have enjoyed not having to go to the doctor every other week it seems in the winter.

I am still frequenting Color Me Mine, I got a couple times a week. I call it my happy place, plus it gets me out and socializing so I'm not at home every day doing the same things over and over again. I have met a lot of really nice people there and some not so nice ones as well the not so nice are very few and far between. I love people watching there while I'm painting. I find it rather interesting watching parents with their small kids. There are 2 types of parents that go there, the ones that let their kids paint their pieces however they like with any color they want (except black). Then there are the parents who try to control their kids and how they paint, basically the parents pick the colors they can use, tell them where each color goes and gets upset if the kids don't listen then take over and finish painting the piece. After watching both types of parents I can guess pretty accurately which type the parent is when they walk through the door with their kids.  My favorite people to watch when they come in are the ones with special needs. You can totally see a change in them as they start painting and they just have so much fun doing it. There is a group that comes in every couple of weeks and they pick out their pieces sit down, start painting and then there is laughter and talking, they are always super friendly and even come over and talk to me every once in a while and tell me they really like the piece I'm working on and ask me to come look at theirs and I do and I always tell them they are doing an amazing job. Their faces just light up at the praise.

Hubby now works at the Lighting Gallery by Browns, and is no longer the delivery driver though he does still get to do the trips down to Seward every other week. He is a lot happier now that he pretty much knows when he is getting off of work and we can now easily plan when dinner is going to be. No more guessing if he will get off on time or not, that part was annoying especially if I am at Color Me Mine working on a piece, I wouldn't know if he was getting off on time or not so I always had to guess if I could get more paint and continue working or if I should put everything away.

That's about it, other then what I have mentioned it's the same ole stuff just different days, although I do believe I am out of my reading slump cause I have finished 3 books this month and am working on a 4th.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Married Couple Delima

Every married couple, wants at least one other married couple to hang out with on occasion, It's nothing against all the single friends, it's just nice to not have to worry about the odd man out, or even better they understand what the other couple is talking about cause they have been there. Not saying that every single friends is the odd man out either, hubby and I have a few friends who are single and love hanging with them and they are no way ever the odd one out.

Richard and I have yet to find a married couple to hang out with, not saying we have never hung out with married couples cause we do, but then it seems that the married couple starts fighting and then their marriage ends.  This has happened quite a few times now. It almost makes you wonder if its us causing the problems. Now I know it's not but it seems that way to us. We do have a married couple that yes has it's problems but we spend more time with her then both of them because he is always off at work when we all have free time. 9 times out of 10 we hang with just her, then one time it's both of them. So yes they are a married couple but we don't count them cause we see her more then him. But other then that, no one. I'm not kidding about marriages falling apart either we have hung out with 4-5 married couples and all of them have ended, or are going to end. We have been hanging with another married couple the last month or so and he just called it quits with her this last weekend, after hubby and I left from hanging out with them. See? see how we think it's us?

Why can't we find a nice NORMAL, HAPPY married couple to hang out with on a regular basis and play games and do dinner with?  That's all we want, as much as we like staying home and just being with each other we also love hanging out with friends. We don't get to hang with friends all that often cause all of them live very busy lives so it's when they have a spare moment, or they live to far away for regular get togethers, or they live in a different state all together.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Morning Routine

Good Hello,

  I really need to start writing here more often, I have let this go a bit. Oops. Since the last update a few things have changed. We rearranged our living room to fit in our new TV stand that we got with our P.F.D.'s, our TV then decided to die on us this week so now we need to go get a new one, I have finished one of my brothers Christmas gifts and haven't come close to finding a design for the second one yet, I also have gotten back into reading YAY!

 I have been getting up at 6am for a few months now and have gotten quite the routine down. I get up, walk to the kitchen turn the Keurig on and get out the pods of coffee for Richard and I, fill up the water for the Keurig if need be, make Richards coffee first, while it's being made pull his lunch box out and make his lunch, switch out mugs and make my coffee, pour dry cereal into a container for Richard for breakfast while at work, get the creamer, fix up my coffee and go sit down in front of the computer till 6:30 which is usually 10-20 minutes later depending on if I have to actually make Richards lunch or just throw leftovers in. Go wake Richard up and done.  I enjoy making Richard his coffee and lunch, plus it helps him not run late if all he has to do is pour creamer into his coffee put the lid on and go.

I have gotten the apartment back into shape and now again am not embarrassed if someone comes over to let them in. I'm going to try  and keep it this way again. We shall see how long that lasts. I hate when I slack off, cause I know I can keep this place up and it's so much easier to just keep up with it then letting stuff pile up especially the dishes.

that's all for now, hopefully I will update this again sooner rather then later

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Hanging and painting

The month of September has flown by for me. I want to say that's because we have been doing something every weekend this month. Mostly we have been hanging out with our friends DM and AM (not sure if they would be ok with me using their names). We all get along and have the same sense of humor, so it makes things.... interesting to say the least. We have played Cards Against Humanity with them a few times now and it's always a blast. If you don't know what CAH is, all I gotta say is look it up cause I'm not explaining it to you.  I have also hung out with AM while Richard and DM and our friend B when he isn't busy with other things have gone fishing. Which they are doing this Sunday. I believe this will be the last trip of the year. as it's starting to get pretty freaking cold.

 I have been spending a lot of time at Color-Me-Mine lately working on a lot of projects. I do so enjoy painting there. I think I'm going to switch gears and start making more pieces for friends as we are slowly running out of room here. Not to say I wont paint more stuff for us cause if something is really cute and I just have to have it I will get it lol.  Mom is even a V.I.P. there now too and is slowly branching out and learning new techniques. Richard is going to spend some of his P.F.D. money and get a chess set to paint. This set comes with the board and all the pieces to paint. I think it would be fun to paint on it together but it's up to him. I have already started working on both my mom's and my brother's Christmas gifts. Granted my brothers is farther along then moms but that's because mom comes with me a lot when I paint so I can't paint on hers with her there.

That's pretty much been my life since the last update. just hanging with friends, and painting.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Weather change

Good Hello,

    There is a change in the weather now that it's pretty much the middle of August. Our summer was a pretty mild one, which was nice seeing as how last summer had some ridiculously hot days in it. The rain has come rolling in, which is nothing new for this time of year. This means that the air is going to start getting cooler and more crisp and leaves have already started changing on some trees. It's the time of year where I start grudgingly pulling out a light jacket to wear depending on the day, cause there are some days when the sun is out that it is just to warm to have a jacket on. Heck even days where I should be wearing one I might not put one on cause I'm stubborn and hate having to wear a jacket. Even when I do have to wear one it's hardly ever zipped up. This change in weather also means one more thing, THE ALASKA STATE FAIR!!!!!!!

 The state fair is the last big thing to do outside before the snow flies and I love, love love going. I always have some form of a jacket even if it is just a hoody on and an umbrella cause lets just face it, it aint the fair unless it rains. I'm hoping that the clothes I ordered get here before we got cause I have a hoody I really want to wear to it if I can.

The weather change also means putting off as long as possible of turning the heat back on. We tend to turn it on at the end of September first of October. We are still sleeping with windows open till about then too, we just add more blankets to the bed. Yep we are stubborn. It also means more crock pot dishes to be made and finding out how much the PFD is for the year. I already have plans for mine so hoping it's as good as people are predicting.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Living with Elephants that vacuum

Good Hello

   I live in a bottom floor apartment, I have for over 6 years now. I understand that not everyone has ever lived below someone else and that they don't get how loud they walk. Over the years the people above us have come and gone, for the most part all have been great about being quiet up there and did not thud around. Mind you I know I have complained about the upstairs neighbors before like when we first moved in and for a couple of years after the people that lived up there were horrid, not so much on the walking loudly but they complained about us and we are quiet and well she was just a mean lady, the landlord didn't even like her. But they moved out and everyone else that had moved in and out over the years since them have been great neighbors. Heck one set we didn't even know were up there unless they accidentally dropped something. Then came the sisters, our neighbors right now, one of them has a daughter and one of them not sure which one got custody of one of their nieces from another sister, so we have 2 kids under the age of I'm going to guess 7 living above us. It sometimes sounds like a heard of elephants has moved in above us.

  Now don't get me wrong, I love kids and I know they are going to be loud especially at that age range. I never hear them screaming and hollering unless our windows are open and they just got in trouble, and are being punished but I do hear them loud and clear when they decide to run or throw a hissy fit and thud on the floor. so granted kids will be kids and they don't bother me all too much. What weirdly gets to me more noise wise is the constant vacuuming that the sisters do, EVERYDAY! At least once a day if not more often the vacuum comes out upstairs. So now not only do I have to deal with the heard of elephants from about 6am to when ever their bedtime is, so anywhere between 8-9pm. I have to hear the vacuum every stinking day. It makes me long for the lady who hated us to be living there again.

So I just deal with the vacuuming cause I understand that kids are messy, and that the sisters could in fact be neat freaks since they vacuum so much. But last month they crossed a line with the vacuuming by doing it at like 6:45 in the morning. Now this was before I decided to start getting up at 6am and making Richard his coffee. I'm dead asleep and get woken up by one of them running the vacuum right above my head. Mind you I sleep with a fan to help drown out noise and I could hear their vacuum. So I got up got dressed told Richard I would be right back (he was on vacation) went upstairs and knocked on their door. When one of them answered the other one had left for work already, I explained that I live downstairs and am a light sleeper, plus there are noise restrictions, that you can't make any loud noises including vacuuming until 9am and not after 10pm. I also explained that I was being nice and coming up there to talk to her about it, and to please not vacuum so early again. She did apologize and hasn't done it since. Thankfully.

You are probably asking well why don't you complain about the noise to your landlord? Well I could, but really she can't do anything about the noise either, Cause yes she could call them up and say hey can you guys not be so loud but then again, they can be loud from 9am to 10pm sooo really can't do anything about that. Plus why bother her about the noise cause it just paints us in a bad light because we are bothering her over something she really can't control to much. Now I have no problems complaining if they start vacuuming during quiet ours and I have done it in the past with the lady that hated us. I choose to pick my battles wisely when it comes to apartment living cause I don't want our landlord to hate us, and she doesn't cause we are so low maintenance and quiet and get no complaints about us (anymore). Side note, she never took the complaints from the one lady seriously after the second one in one week cause we had rented from her before and never got complained about the first time we were living here, so our record is good.