Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Lunch is highly overrated

It has not been my week for making a successful lunch so far and it's only Tuesday! Yesterday I was making fish sticks and heard the timer go off the first time letting me know it was time to flip them over but somehow missed the second time it went off. I have clue how I missed the second timer going off, I didn't have music playing, wasn't on the phone or anything but I didn't hear it sound off. Yes I did actually start it too, cause when I remembered about them it was flashing that it had ended. Then today I wanted a grilled cheese sandwich cause it just sounded good, get all the stuff out for it have the pan warming up on the oven pull the bread out only to find it moldy, so no grilled cheese for me today. I have other bread that I just pulled out of the freezer so I can try again tomorrow for the grilled cheese.

I can only assume that I have angered the kitchen/food gods so I need to find out a way to please them so I can have a successful lunch time. Or I will just give up lunch cause it is highly overrated, well that's what I'm going to tell myself if I can't cook lunch tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Want to rearrange/declutter the apartment yet again

Been thinking about this small apartment of mine, which is small but not small all at the same time. I love my apartment just as much as I hate the thing. It's very hard to decorate it/ arrange furniture in it. There is only 3 ways that we have found to arrange our small living room. Our kitchen is a one butt kitchen and lacks storage and counter space, plus doesn't have a pantry so we have to have a set of cupboards as food storage and the pantry is the coat closet. We have 2 bedrooms, the actual master bedroom which is our spare room/catch all/media room and our bedroom. The thing that I hate the most about this place is the 1 stinking bathroom! It's small, there is only 1 so if we both have to use it, it's a matter of who can get to it first, which by the way is hardly ever me. The location is nice, close to mom which makes it easy when I need her to take me places, the landlord is awesome and very friends, I have great neighbors and this is the longest we have stayed in one place.

I think I know why I have been thinking about my place a lot lately, and getting that rearranging bug, I want to say it's cause I'm antsy cause the days are noticeably longer now and I'm wanting to do more stuff. But since I'm home all day with no real way of getting around I turn that energy into moving stuff around the apartment and getting rid of stuff and so forth which bugs Richard cause he hates when I want to rearrange the living room. SO I'm trying not to go there this time and just leave it be.

Who knows maybe later today I will go through some of my stuff and get rid of the stuff I haven't used in a long while. Maybe that will get rid of the rearranging bug for a bit.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Shoe hurting painting

Here I sit with new shoes on my feet thinking, ugh I hate breaking in new shoes, it's such a pain. This is the first pair of new shoes I have had in about 3 years, yes you read that correctly my last pair lasted me 3 years. I loved those shoes, but they have fallen apart way to much to be worn in the winter now, lets just say I have been suffering from wet sock syndrome for the last few months and it sucks so glad to have the new shoes even if they do kill my feet till I get used to them. I just hope I can adjust easily cause I'm going from having rocker bottom shoes back to normal ones.

I need to get back into updating this thing more often, even though I know not a lot of people read this, it's more for me anyways. I have always found writing a journal to be a big stress relief even if it's just random stuff that goes through my head and I edit what I put on here cause there is just some stuff that the entire world does not need access to. So that's a goal for this year, to update this more frequently. We shall see how well I do.

I have converted my sister-in-law into yet another monster. First time I did it I converted her into an Alaska Aces fan, this time it's Color-Me-Mine. She is going to try and come into Anchorage once a week to paint with her boyfriend. Now to just get mom to go in and look at the stuff they have, I'm not giving up on that one it will happen!