Thursday, June 21, 2012

Stupid tooth baseball

So some how or another I lost the corner of a tooth on my left side of my mouth. I noticed it last weekend. I had originally thought I just had something stuck in my tooth, that is till I went and checked it out in the mirror. The tooth doesn't hurt at all but, that side of my throat does as does my left ear. I don't know if they coincide with one another or not but I have a feeling they do. I am going to go to the dentist to get the tooth fixed, I'm just trying to wait a little longer so mom can pay off the dentist for my brother having to go in and Richard having to get a tooth pulled both right on top of each other at the beginning of the year. Mom is nice enough to pay for our dentist visits, so I'm trying to wait this out as long as I can. My tongue is irritated cause it rubs on the jagged edge of the tooth as well but that doesn't bother me as much as the not so bad but constant pain of my ear and throat.   I know it's not an ear infection cause trust me I KNOW what those feel like.

Yesterday Richard and went to a baseball game that went 21 innings before someone finally won. We were there for over 5 hours watching this game. This game tied the record for longest game from back in 1992 and if it had gone only half an inning more would have broke the record. It was a good game, we couldn't believe how long it took to get a winner though, those poor guys had to of been tired. I read today that both teams combined went through 15 pitchers and each team had a player each bat 9 times.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Ch Ch Ch Changes

Change is a brewing over here, I'm sick of how some things are with me so I'm going to try and change them. I have set a goal for myself and I hope I stick with it and can accomplish it. It starts on July 12th and ends on July 11th of next year. Why those dates? well because July 11th of next year I turn 30 and I want to accomplish this before I turn 30. I want to reach a certain weight by then, for personal reasons I will not tell you how much I weight now. I will however let you know when I get halfway to my goal, and how much weight I have lost. If I manage to make it to my goal or past it, I will be THRILLED. I'm going to be really testing my self control this go around. I did really well back before I took the trip to California in May of last year. I sadly let that trip get the best of me and never got back to dieting. and gained most the weight back but not all of it. So since I had such success with that I'm going to do what I was doing then again. Which was just basically cutting back how much I eat, no calorie counting just cutting my servings down. Calorie counting I have found out is not a good way for me to go about losing weight, I get discouraged to easily. I am sorta starting now but wont officially start till after my birthday this year. We shall see how well this goes, so wish me luck!