Wednesday, February 22, 2012

blarg blarg all over the place blog

I want to clean clean clean. Why? well because we have family coming up to visit. Now mostly no one will be here with us due to allergies to a certain 4 legged animal called Kramer but still might have someone stop by to visit and I want this place looking good. Not that it looks bad right now but still, it could look a tad bit better, mostly cause this weekend I didn't do my usual chores (oops!).

In the last 2 weeks I have lost 7 lbs, woot go me! anyways enough about that, its nice but not going to go all I'm losing weight go me then stop losing weight and have to tell you that so for now that's all you get to hear about. Big thanks go out to mom and dad for letting us borrow the treadmill.

There is other stuff to tell but, I will not post about it now cause not everyone in the immediate family knows yet. No, not expecting so no going there, trust me if I was I would of started this blog off with that.

Oh so, Sunday at least I believe it's Sunday Richard and I are meeting with a friends lawyer, this is to help her out with her custody battle/divorce. Shall be interesting to say the least. On the subject of court, I once again have Jury Duty in March. *rolls eyes* I can't believe I got called up for it again. They must really want me to serve on a jury. I don't mind if I get called up, god knows we could use the money.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Rearranging the Meowing Kramer

Over the weekend Richard and I rearranged our living room and dinning room. At first I wasn't so sure about it, but I love it now, and so does Kramer. Kramer has been more playful and running around like a crazy cat all week. We have a lot of open floor space in a straight shot for him to play in. I have noticed now that Richard and I spend a lot of time out in the living room again as well. For the last couple of weeks we have been hanging out in the bedroom watching tv, playing video games or reading and now we are back out in the living room.

Kramer has been super annoying in the mornings this week. He starts meowing at me at 7am for his wet food, I'm still trying to sleep at 7am and he doesn't stop meowing at me till 9am when he actually gets fed. I have no clue why all of the sudden he is doing this, but it's really starting to annoy me. It's not like he is nice about it either, he will walk up the bed to where my head is laying and meow right in my ear a few times then walk down my body and off the bed then sit in the door and meow for a few minutes then repeat. I can only take about an hour of this if I'm lucky then I get up and sit at the computer and he sits next to me on the desk and continues to meow till 9am. He shuts up only to eat then does his usual morning talking and then waits for Richard to come home and sit down so he can jump up and lay in his lap. If Kramer starts meowing tomorrow morning at 7am I think I will just get up and go play video games or something, maybe he just knows I want to be up at 7 but most the time I just don't convince myself to get up when my alarm goes off.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Mom Was Right

I hoped beyond hope that mom would be wrong about this one thing, but no, she just had to be right. I found my first gray hair today. Well tech I found it a few days ago but wasn't sure I saw what I saw cause I was in the car looking in the little mirror in the visor. I just remembered about it a few minutes ago and went to that bathroom and looked, and yup I was right I had a gray hair in my bangs. At first I just thought it was a hair from Kramer but it was attached to me. Yes I just said was, I yanked it out, It will be the only one I ever yank. If I remember correctly my dads mom when gray at an early age, mom has been telling me this for years, that I would most likely would too. Well I guess that's why they make hair dye. I guess it will soon be time for me to start looking for a color I like.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Snow and Bubbles

It snowed today, and pretty well too. My friend Kaori called me today and asked if Richard and I could come help her get her car unstuck, she got it stuck at the bottom of her grandma's driveway. I told her we would be right there and we left to go help her. We turned onto her grandmas street and as we were turning the corner we got stuck in a big ole pile of snow in the middle of the could-d-sac (or however it's spelled) we couldn't even see the pile of snow! Richard tried on his own to get the truck out and all he ended up doing was falling twice and getting snow down the back of his pants. He went down the street to get Kaori and with her help and the help of a neighbor we all got our truck out. Then Richard and I had to push Kaori's car to get it unstuck and were able to do so. So we had quite the adventure out in the snow.

Other then that I have been working on knitting a lap blanket for myself and reading. I haven't finished a book yet this year cause I just haven't been in the mood to read. I am slowly getting back in the mood though.

Oh so we had maintenance come over a couple of weeks ago to fix our kitchen floor that had bubbles in it, which was caused by a leaky dishwasher, that took them 2-3 days to complete because they also had to redo our entry way cause there was a bubble there. Then they just came back this week because we had yet another bubble show up in the kitchen floor, but this one was caused by a steam leak in one of the pipes below the apartment complex, so they fixed the pipe then fixed our floor. while fixing our kitchen floor they heard water dropping only to find a pin sized hole in our ceiling, apparently there was a leak in the upstairs neighbors water based heater or something so it came through, so they fixed it and told us to keep an eye on it and if it started up again to call it in. So far nothing has happened with that, thank god. On the bright side we have a new kitchen and entryway floor.