Wednesday, February 22, 2012

blarg blarg all over the place blog

I want to clean clean clean. Why? well because we have family coming up to visit. Now mostly no one will be here with us due to allergies to a certain 4 legged animal called Kramer but still might have someone stop by to visit and I want this place looking good. Not that it looks bad right now but still, it could look a tad bit better, mostly cause this weekend I didn't do my usual chores (oops!).

In the last 2 weeks I have lost 7 lbs, woot go me! anyways enough about that, its nice but not going to go all I'm losing weight go me then stop losing weight and have to tell you that so for now that's all you get to hear about. Big thanks go out to mom and dad for letting us borrow the treadmill.

There is other stuff to tell but, I will not post about it now cause not everyone in the immediate family knows yet. No, not expecting so no going there, trust me if I was I would of started this blog off with that.

Oh so, Sunday at least I believe it's Sunday Richard and I are meeting with a friends lawyer, this is to help her out with her custody battle/divorce. Shall be interesting to say the least. On the subject of court, I once again have Jury Duty in March. *rolls eyes* I can't believe I got called up for it again. They must really want me to serve on a jury. I don't mind if I get called up, god knows we could use the money.

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