Saturday, February 11, 2012

Mom Was Right

I hoped beyond hope that mom would be wrong about this one thing, but no, she just had to be right. I found my first gray hair today. Well tech I found it a few days ago but wasn't sure I saw what I saw cause I was in the car looking in the little mirror in the visor. I just remembered about it a few minutes ago and went to that bathroom and looked, and yup I was right I had a gray hair in my bangs. At first I just thought it was a hair from Kramer but it was attached to me. Yes I just said was, I yanked it out, It will be the only one I ever yank. If I remember correctly my dads mom when gray at an early age, mom has been telling me this for years, that I would most likely would too. Well I guess that's why they make hair dye. I guess it will soon be time for me to start looking for a color I like.

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