Friday, April 19, 2013

Geeking out on post 300

I just saw a movie poster for  Thor: The Dark World and got instantly excited that it would be coming to theaters in November of this year. That being said I guess I am going to have to admit that I'm a geek. I love pretty much all the movies based off of comic books. I also love the Lord of the Ring movies and The Hobbit and can't wait for the other 2 Hobbit movies to come out. I read a lot, I play video games, I play mindcraft but that is more of an artistic outlet for me. I'm not a hardcore geek but I guess you could say I am on the geeky side and you know what? I'm ok with that. It's one of many parts of me that make me who I am. I wouldn't change it for anyone.

I'm also not afraid to say that I love Twilight, love the books and the movies, I also love Harry Potter, The Inheritance series and many other books. Though mom and my brother give me a hard time about Twilight, mom saying there was just to much teenage angst for her liking (she never finished the first book) and my brother (who has never read the books nor wants to) thinking it's stupid that the vampires can go out in the sunlight and all they do is sparkle, he calls it gay and stupid. I think the author did an interesting twist by making it so they can come out during the day, so what if they sparkle get over it. She had an idea went for it and was very successful with it. I don't give him a hard time for liking Steven King, though I can't stand his writing cause I find him boring and very wordy and very descriptive, to descriptive. But my brother loves his books. Good for him. It's just interesting to me that I get picked on/made fun of for what I choose to read. I like a lot of V.C. Andrews stuff and again my brother gets this look of disgust on his face when he sees me read one of her books. Which I haven't read in a very long time mostly cause I don't like the newer stuff. I read almost a bit of everything, there are a few genre's of books I refuse to read cause they just don't appeal to me like romance novels (brainless fluff ), SciFi books for the most part bore me, history, biography's and manga just to name a few.  But just because I don't like them means I'm going to give people a hard time who do, well ok besides sorta teasing mom about her brainless fluff, but she likes reading them so good for her. The only reason I tease her about them is because she will complain about not having anything to read and when I offer up books I think she might like she turns them down because they will make her have to think.

Anyways, there is a small snippet of part of me. I truly didn't mean to go on a tangent about my choice of books but sometimes when I sit down and start writing I just go where my fingers take me and that's where they took me in this post. Hope you enjoyed it.On a side note this is entry #300! I think this is by far the longest I have kept up with an online journal. I know not a lot of people read this but for those of you who do thank you for putting up with little ole me.

Monday, April 15, 2013


I see this "trend" on Facebook about sharing pictures or statuses that are put out there to shock, terrify you or disgust you or worse enrage you. Like mindless sheep people share the post over and over and over again without in fact verifying that it is true or not. They range from Facebook getting ready to charge you to use their website, to KFC using mutant non chickens for their food and anything else in between. over the last month or so I have seen one about drinking from a soda can and getting so sick you end up in the hospital because there was dried rat piss on the can. Anyone who drinks soda knows that the companies don't stockpile the soda in a warehouse for months on end. It gets sent out to the stores to be sold right away.  Or about a new kind of spider that hangs out in dark places like under a toilet seat and then bites your butt and you get sick and could die or something to that nature. These posts spread like wildfire through Facebook.  We all have at least one friend who shares these pictures if not more then one and at one point in time we might have even shared them on our own pages. I know I'm guilty of that from way back when, then I started thinking well wait I'm going to do my own investigating on this before I post it and so far every single one of them is a fake, or mixed with some truth but describes it in a way that it would never happen. I now don't even look it up cause well whats the point when I know what the answer is going to be.

 I just have a hard time believing that people can be so stupid no gullible and believe this stuff. Like just because it's on the internet must mean it's true! Just because it's on Facebook and so and so posted it, I will share it too cause I have to let my friends know to watch out for this, or boycott this place and so on and so forth. How hard is it to fact check? Come on people we don't need to be sheeple! Don't be blinded by the butt in front of you! I mean if we stop sharing these totally ridiculous things, maybe just maybe they will go away. Then more important things can be shared and Facebook can be used for a thing of good, more then it already is. Now I'm not saying to stop sharing funny pictures or videos but stop sharing the stuff about mutant chickens, Facebook charging for their services, dried rat piss on soda cans, or stories about the new ways people are robbing or kidnapping people. Fact check first, if it's true share it if it's false don't it's as simple as that.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Energy Energy my Kindgom for an Energy Drink

I have a feeling energy drinks will be my friend today and tomorrow and possibly Friday but not sure about that day yet. I have been getting up at around 6am this week so Richard doesn't have to try to be quiet while getting ready for work and to help make sure he keeps track of the time. No he isn't in trouble just think of me as an extra alarm for him, one he can't shut off. Anyways so since I'm not used to being up so early I have been relying on Monster energy drinks to help me adjust to my new found early morning hours. once I start getting used to them which will prob be next week I will cut back on the energy drinks and start only having them if I just need a little pick me up cause I didn't sleep so well.

Today however is going to be a 2 energy drink day. I didn't sleep well last night thanks to a small gray fuzzy thing that I shall not name *cough* Kramer *cough* I usually would only dink one but I have the added bonus of babysitting a 5 month old later today for 6 hours. I am doing this for a coworker of moms, it was kinda funny how it came about cause I called her to tell her about  Annette Funicello passing away and as mom picks up the phone to answer it I hear  "Here she is" she knew it was me cause the phones have caller ID now. She asked if I would be willing to babysit for I believe his name is Mat and I said sure and talked to him. Turns out his significant other has class and he has to work at the same time and I guess their usually babysitter can't do it for some reason. So I said I would be happy to help him out. I will be getting picked up at 12:15 and wont be done till after 6. Looking forward to meeting this little girl, I'm sure we will get a long cause all little kids love me no matter what age they are. It's my curse/gift don't believe me ask my mom. 

Tomorrow is going to be shall we say kinda busy. Mom leaves Friday night for Chicago for The ASPAN National Conference. Which means Tomorrow is, food shopping and the dreaded clothes shopping. Both mom and I agree that going clothes shopping for one another is horrid. Though I think with me it's a lot easier cause I'm not as picky as she is. Thankfully we are only going pants shopping which isn't so bad. Or well at least that's all I think we are doing, things have a way of changing.  I remember this one time years ago we went shopping for clothes for her for conference and moms friend Pat was with us and was trying to convince mom to buy Capri pants. Mom thought they would look horrid on her but she just randomly grabs a pair to take to try on. Mind you she grabbed a pair way to big for her. we go to the dressing room she tries them on and I just start laughing and laughing because of how ridiculous she looks in the over sized pants that made her look like grandma. I'm literally on the floor of the dressing room in tears I'm laughing so hard. Pat tells me I shouldn't be laughing and comes to look and even she starts laughing. Mom did actually end up buying a pair of Capri pants in her size and she looked fine in them but I wont forget how goofy she looked in the first pair. 

I'm not quite sure what the plan for Friday is yet, other then having to take mom to the airport at night, oh and helping her pack, we have this ritual we go through while she packs. This time should be fun cause we also get to deal with Flynn or as I lovingly call him Agent Orange, and yes the name totally fits him. 

In other news, a house literally houses down from moms was on fire the other night, I had been in this house thousands of times growing up, cause my friend Little Steph lived there till we were in high school. I found out via FaceBook and informed mom of it cause she had no idea. All the damage is basically in the roof or prob the back half of the house. Mom drove by it yesterday and said you couldn't tell by looking at it that there was any damage to it.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Spring needs to Spring and New dishes

Oh how Mother Nature loves to play pranks on us, it had been beautiful, and warm and MELTING all week that is till Friday when it decided it was going to snow from then till last night. She does this every Spring up here lets it melt and get warm and gets our Alaskan hopes up then knocks us back down. We prob got about a foot if not more in some places of town of snow. Mom is gearing up to go to Chicago for a national nursing conference, every year it's held somewhere different and it's always in April. While she is gone is usually when Spring finally sticks up here. 
 I have been working on a cross stitch project this week that is going to take a lot of time to get it done. This one is by far the biggest one I have done. I goofed on one spot but it is staying cause I didn't realize I goofed till after i finished that area and well it won't be all that noticeable and this project is for me so I could care less and nothing is ever perfect. The project is a bunch of clocks and says time flies on it. Time really does fly while working on it. What amuses  me about cross stitching is you can sit there for hours on end and only get a tiny little spot done, but that tiny little spot holds a lot of work. It's a bit of a challenge for me to do sometimes because of my eyes but I find it relaxing and I never realize how long I have been at it till I stop cause my eyes are tired and look at the time, then I look back at what I have done and it looks like it only took me maybe 20 min to do but I have worked for 3-4 hours on it.

In other news, two weeks ago my dishes decided that it was time for me to get new ones. They decided this when I was putting them up from being washed. I had put them all up, besides the glasses and took a break for lunch, Then while walking back into the kitchen I open up the cabinet door to start putting the glasses up and the shelf that holds half our bowls and the glasses decides it isn't going to stay up and hold them so it crashed down onto our plates and the other half of the bowls which shot dishes out at me and realizing I couldn't save this I dashed out of the way while everything fell. Not a single dish was left whole out of all the ones that we still had after Richard and I had both broken some over the last couple years which was only 3 plates. So now I have broken dishes all over my kitchen takes me about a half hour to pick it all up then I realize well crap I have no dishes. Mom was nice enough to help me get new dishes and I love them way more then my last set which I did in fact like but caused me a ton of problems because they were square and bigger then normal. The pic below is of my new dishes, What I like about them besides the fact that they are bright and colorful is that no two are exactly alike. they all have the same colors in the same pattern but the thickness of the stripes and the darkness of the colors varies just a little from one to the other.