Monday, April 15, 2013


I see this "trend" on Facebook about sharing pictures or statuses that are put out there to shock, terrify you or disgust you or worse enrage you. Like mindless sheep people share the post over and over and over again without in fact verifying that it is true or not. They range from Facebook getting ready to charge you to use their website, to KFC using mutant non chickens for their food and anything else in between. over the last month or so I have seen one about drinking from a soda can and getting so sick you end up in the hospital because there was dried rat piss on the can. Anyone who drinks soda knows that the companies don't stockpile the soda in a warehouse for months on end. It gets sent out to the stores to be sold right away.  Or about a new kind of spider that hangs out in dark places like under a toilet seat and then bites your butt and you get sick and could die or something to that nature. These posts spread like wildfire through Facebook.  We all have at least one friend who shares these pictures if not more then one and at one point in time we might have even shared them on our own pages. I know I'm guilty of that from way back when, then I started thinking well wait I'm going to do my own investigating on this before I post it and so far every single one of them is a fake, or mixed with some truth but describes it in a way that it would never happen. I now don't even look it up cause well whats the point when I know what the answer is going to be.

 I just have a hard time believing that people can be so stupid no gullible and believe this stuff. Like just because it's on the internet must mean it's true! Just because it's on Facebook and so and so posted it, I will share it too cause I have to let my friends know to watch out for this, or boycott this place and so on and so forth. How hard is it to fact check? Come on people we don't need to be sheeple! Don't be blinded by the butt in front of you! I mean if we stop sharing these totally ridiculous things, maybe just maybe they will go away. Then more important things can be shared and Facebook can be used for a thing of good, more then it already is. Now I'm not saying to stop sharing funny pictures or videos but stop sharing the stuff about mutant chickens, Facebook charging for their services, dried rat piss on soda cans, or stories about the new ways people are robbing or kidnapping people. Fact check first, if it's true share it if it's false don't it's as simple as that.

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