Sunday, April 7, 2013

Spring needs to Spring and New dishes

Oh how Mother Nature loves to play pranks on us, it had been beautiful, and warm and MELTING all week that is till Friday when it decided it was going to snow from then till last night. She does this every Spring up here lets it melt and get warm and gets our Alaskan hopes up then knocks us back down. We prob got about a foot if not more in some places of town of snow. Mom is gearing up to go to Chicago for a national nursing conference, every year it's held somewhere different and it's always in April. While she is gone is usually when Spring finally sticks up here. 
 I have been working on a cross stitch project this week that is going to take a lot of time to get it done. This one is by far the biggest one I have done. I goofed on one spot but it is staying cause I didn't realize I goofed till after i finished that area and well it won't be all that noticeable and this project is for me so I could care less and nothing is ever perfect. The project is a bunch of clocks and says time flies on it. Time really does fly while working on it. What amuses  me about cross stitching is you can sit there for hours on end and only get a tiny little spot done, but that tiny little spot holds a lot of work. It's a bit of a challenge for me to do sometimes because of my eyes but I find it relaxing and I never realize how long I have been at it till I stop cause my eyes are tired and look at the time, then I look back at what I have done and it looks like it only took me maybe 20 min to do but I have worked for 3-4 hours on it.

In other news, two weeks ago my dishes decided that it was time for me to get new ones. They decided this when I was putting them up from being washed. I had put them all up, besides the glasses and took a break for lunch, Then while walking back into the kitchen I open up the cabinet door to start putting the glasses up and the shelf that holds half our bowls and the glasses decides it isn't going to stay up and hold them so it crashed down onto our plates and the other half of the bowls which shot dishes out at me and realizing I couldn't save this I dashed out of the way while everything fell. Not a single dish was left whole out of all the ones that we still had after Richard and I had both broken some over the last couple years which was only 3 plates. So now I have broken dishes all over my kitchen takes me about a half hour to pick it all up then I realize well crap I have no dishes. Mom was nice enough to help me get new dishes and I love them way more then my last set which I did in fact like but caused me a ton of problems because they were square and bigger then normal. The pic below is of my new dishes, What I like about them besides the fact that they are bright and colorful is that no two are exactly alike. they all have the same colors in the same pattern but the thickness of the stripes and the darkness of the colors varies just a little from one to the other.

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