Monday, December 31, 2012

End of the Year

Today is the last day of 2012, so a look back at the year is a must and kind of a tradition here on my blog. The beginning of the year didn't start out to well for us with Richard being fired from Home Depot in February and being jobless for a bit before working at Sports Authority which that job was a freaking joke. Then our friend Brian got him hired on at Browns and he has loved working there, I think we finally found the perfect fit for him there. So Muchas Gracias to Brian.

The last weekend of June I was able to throw my mom her very first birthday party, with the help of our good friend Deb. Deb allowed me to have the party up at her place and we were blessed with perfect weather so we were able to enjoy her beautiful deck. My mother-in-law was also a big help by making cupcakes for the party. We enjoyed good food and friends, it was a nice way to celebrate her 60th birthday.

July came and I turned 29, that's right 2013 is the year I turn 30. I say bring it on! I didn't do anything major this year for my birthday, just the usual family dinner. I let the day pass like any other day.

Other then that its been the same ol day to day stuff, get a cold, suffer for ever and a day get better for a week and repeat,.. Actually this year was pretty good to me till this month with the sinus/ear infection. Which I was able to pop my ear and get most of my hearing back. Still a little plugged up but that's ok, as long as I can hear people in more then a whisper I'm golden.

Tonight We celebrate the New Year by going to an Aces hockey game, and a plus to this is Bobbie, (Richards sister) will be coming with us, this will be her very first hockey game.

However you decide to ring in the new year, do it safe, have fun if you drink don't drive and if you drive don't drink. Watch out for stupid people cause they will be out in force. Love to you all.

Till next year.

Friday, December 28, 2012

The Challenge

I have decided to do a little test, to see if I can do it. No not a test, a challenge. Starting January 1st, so Tuesday I am giving up soda  for 6 months. That's right you heard me no soda for 6 months, maybe longer we shall see. I know I can go for 1 month with out it so why not try for half a year? I will only drink tea, water, some juice, and my pink rockstars cause 1 can is only 10 calories and it's carbonated (thinking about when I get sick, like I am now). Just think of all the calories that I'm not going to be consuming, I think I will be better off with out it. After the 6 month mark we shall see what I do. I know it's going to be hard to start off with cause I have been drinking a ton of soda as of late cause I have been sick so I'm going to be detoxing and have killer headaches but that will only last a few days.

I'm posing a challenge for you too, I challenge YOU to give up 1 thing that isn't the best thing for you for a period of time, it could be deserts, soda like I'm doing, Coffee, you name it. You don't have to go as long as I'm going for either, set a goal for 1 month with out it. I'm not going to lie it's not going to be easy but just think how proud of yourself you will be if you accomplish it.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Going through the portal with a hippo

 Above is what I made my brother for Christmas, I almost kept it for myself cause it turned out so freaking cute! It's a guy going through a portal from the Portal video games and he is holding a block from a computer game called Minecraft. He seemed to like them so that's pretty dang cool.
 I made this cute little hippo for my mom, she loves hippos, She flipped when she saw him cause he is just so dang cute and the expression on his face. In the picture below you can see his little toes too.
I do believe that I have a real knack for the clay and my stuff just keeps getting better and better every time I make something. I'm still very much in making very simple stuff, but hey that's how you learn right? master the basics first then go from there.

Update on the cold front, turns out I didn't have a cold, I had a sinus infection that turned into a sinus infection with an ear infection (lucky me).  My ear was killing me on Sunday and I decided to wait till Monday to see if I could get in to see my ear doctor which was a no go cause they had no openings till Jan 3rd! So I sucked it up and went to the Doc-in-the-box to get treated. I honestly should have prob gone in on Sunday to them because I was running fevers and going down hill fast, like I tend to do with ear infections. Needless to say, I went got seen and got put on a nasal spray, antibiotics and an inhaler cause I'm having problems breathing and my cough is something else. Today I can actually sort of breath through my nose at least while sitting up so I'm slowing on mends from this lovely sickness. Leave it to me to get the cold my mom had and morph it into something way worse.

Hope you all had a great Christmas and Have a Happy New Year.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Projects and Colds

Last week was pretty good, got to spend some time with mom and ended the week making Christmas cookies with her and my SIL. The only downer of the week was mom getting sick and being such a nice person that she is, she shared it with me. I don't think I got it as bad as she had it but, it did manage to kick my butt this week. Today is the first day all week where I haven't fallen asleep on the couch watching tv. Of course the day is still young and it can still possibly happen. I am also trying to adjust to new glasses at the same time as being sick, not so fun. I can wear the new ones for up to 4 hours before I have to switch back to the old ones. Dang bifocals giving me problems adjusting to them. As I write this I'm in my old glasses trying to get rid of the headache from the new ones. OH the joy! I hope I get used to them, the last thing I want to do is go back yet again to the eye doctor.

I still need to make my brothers Christmas gift, I wanted to make it sooner but as I mentioned this damn cold has taken all my energy. I plan on making it tomorrow, so we shall see how that goes. It shouldn't be that hard for me to make and I think he will really enjoy it, if I can pull it off. Which I have no doubt that I Can, it's pretty simple really.

I also have a few ideas for some art to put up in the apartment, sadly I have to save up some money before I can give it a try but that's ok. Will make it that much better when I can actually work on it. I also got to do some research of what I want to make and colors so it's still in the planning stages. I think it will be extremely cool though when I do, do it.

I also need to get semi started on the next project for my brother, my hopes are to get it done for his birthday but if that doesn't happen I will get it finished for Christmas next year. I will just need some help from my mom and hopefully a really good friend of mine. We shall see cause I haven't even talked to my friend about it yet.

I also need to save money up and get a few knitting projects done or something so I can make a baby gift for a dear friend of mine in Montana. She isn't due till June so I still have some time there.

That's all that's on my small mind right now,

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Christmas Wreath and Next Week

 I made this little guy Tuesday night, I had run out of wax paper so I used aluminum an learned not to use it for the clay really likes to stick to it. In fact it broke in two places before I could bake it. I fixed it but one spot is really noticeable but the other one really isn't unless you look for a flaw in the design.
Here is a close up view and you can see in the bottom right hand corner the fix but that's ok. I was just making this wreath to see how I like my new tools. All I gotta say is I LOVE them! They are going to help me out so much and add so much more to my projects, I can't wait! I just need to pick up the wax paper. This isn't the idea I had mentioned in my last post, well it sort of is and isn't, you will just have to wait and see.

Mom has all of next week off so I am going to be hanging out with her. Monday I go back to the eye doctor to get the prescription changed for my glasses cause I can't see with the new ones. Ok that's not entirely true, I can see with them but only things that are farther away, can't see things like the computer monitor though and to me that's more important. Other then that and the oil change on her truck the same day we will be finishing up sewing Christmas gifts, and making Christmas Cookies. My sister-in-law Bobbie is going to come over on Friday to help make the cookies so that should be a lot of fun.