Thursday, December 6, 2012

Christmas Wreath and Next Week

 I made this little guy Tuesday night, I had run out of wax paper so I used aluminum an learned not to use it for the clay really likes to stick to it. In fact it broke in two places before I could bake it. I fixed it but one spot is really noticeable but the other one really isn't unless you look for a flaw in the design.
Here is a close up view and you can see in the bottom right hand corner the fix but that's ok. I was just making this wreath to see how I like my new tools. All I gotta say is I LOVE them! They are going to help me out so much and add so much more to my projects, I can't wait! I just need to pick up the wax paper. This isn't the idea I had mentioned in my last post, well it sort of is and isn't, you will just have to wait and see.

Mom has all of next week off so I am going to be hanging out with her. Monday I go back to the eye doctor to get the prescription changed for my glasses cause I can't see with the new ones. Ok that's not entirely true, I can see with them but only things that are farther away, can't see things like the computer monitor though and to me that's more important. Other then that and the oil change on her truck the same day we will be finishing up sewing Christmas gifts, and making Christmas Cookies. My sister-in-law Bobbie is going to come over on Friday to help make the cookies so that should be a lot of fun.

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