Friday, November 30, 2012

Getting all Artsy Fartsy again

I just got this crazy good idea for something to make with polymer clay, only problem is I don't have all the tools to accomplish it. It will be freaking amazing if it works out the way I want it too. I just gotta price out the tools that I need. I know one of them wont be to expensive at all, the key there is actually finding the dang thing here in Anchorage. Actually I'm pretty sure everything will be on the cheap side. I haven't been this excited about a project in a while.

I still need to sit down and make my brothers Christmas gift, but that requires me to actually think about it when I have enough time to sit down and make it, I know by the time I get everything made up and ready to go in the oven mom would be on her way to get me to go to Costco's since we didn't go yesterday cause she worked late. I will sit down and do his gift prob this weekend then will post pics of it.

I also need to work on some knitting and some cross stitching as well, plus I want to work on some sewing too. Way to many projects to do. I think while I watch TV and wait for mom to get off work I will cross stitch cause I can leave that in the middle of a stitch and be ok.

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