Friday, November 9, 2012

Gargoyle, Box and Kitten Oh MY!

 Above is the Gargoyle Richard painted at Color me Mine. I think it turned out rather well, He is now working on a Dragon as we have money to pay for the studio fee, and for me to paint.  Sadly I wasn't allowed to take my box home that I painted because of a flaw in it. It was in fact recalled because it wouldn't hold the paint and it would come off in sharp shards. I was however able to see it and take pictures of it.
 I thought I did a pretty good job on it too, not to mention it's to dang cute so it irks me that I can't have it. They did however let me paint again waving the studio fee and the price of what I painted. the frogs in the background is what I painted and I will get them here in a couple of days.
 Top view of the really pretty box I can't have
 The inside of said box
 Here are a few pictures of my mom's newest addition Flynn, he has grown a lot since I got him from a friend, who couldn't keep him due to her condo association.
 He is so stinking cute but a real pain as well, he gets into everything and attacks poor Data.

He is losing his cute kitten look and becoming a grown cat he is I believe 6-7 months old now. I think it's his cuteness that keeps him alive. He also plays fetch with his toy mice.

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