Monday, October 22, 2012

Painting Recipes with Winter

Yesterday Richard and I went to Color Me Mine a local business where you can paint ceramics for a small fee. We went there with our Friends Kaori and Peter and their little boy Puckles aka Peter Micheal. I painted a box and Richard painted a gargoyle with Bright red eyes. It's going to take 10-14 days for them to be ready for pick up so when we get them I will share pictures of them. We had a blast, and will defiantly be doing it again as it's not that expensive to do it.

There is a new recipe up on my recipe blog, this one is a breakfast Sandwich that is like stuffed french toast. It is amazingly good and fast and easy to make. Make sure to check that out by going here :

Winter is approaching pretty fast here as of right now it's only like 15 out our highs are only in the 30's now. Pretty soon it will snow and actually stick. Last year it snowed the day before Halloween and didn't really stop snowing all winter. I'm wondering what this one is going to be like.

that's all from here for now.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Why being who I am is hard sometimes

How do you help someone with out getting in the middle of things? That's a tough question to answer the right way cause there is no way to really truly "help" the person and stay out of things besides just being there when they need to rant and rave at someone other then the person they are truly mad at, or hurt by. You can give them your two cents worth of knowledge or tell them how you would think you would handle the situation if you were in their place. But does that actually help them? Do you truly and honestly know how you would act and handle it if the same thing happened to you? You can say you do but you will never know till it actually happens to you. God forbid it actually does.

I have heard from other people and even my own mom that it's best to not get involved with other peoples problems/drama. I know this and I try my hardest to stay out of things but my friends problems have a way of finding me. I mostly take on the role of counselor/therapist I let my friends rant to me all the time about problems that they have. I'm a great listener and even sometimes have a point of view that they themselves didn't even see or think of cause they are so close to the problem. I have such a good heart and want everyone to be happy and try my best to make it happen even if it is for just a few seconds when I crack a horribly corny joke. But if they smile and or laugh I know for one second they weren't thinking about what was bothering them. Trust me there are times where I want to take a person who has hurt a friend and yell at them and ask them what the heck is wrong with you, why did you do that? but then my little voice in my head says wait don't do what your thinking cause it could only make matters worse. So my heart silently breaks for my friend and I feel their pain and wish I could do more for them knowing in my heart that the only thing I can do is be a shoulder for them to lean on and an ear to listen.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Happy Birthdays! and busy crafts

Today was Richards birthday, it was also my very good friends Deb's husbands birthday as well as my Friend James. Lots o Birthdays to all of them I hope you had a wonderful birthday. We had family Dinner at the Glacier Brew House. The entire Alaskan fam showed up, which was cool. I also made Richard cinnamon rolls for breakfast this morning and last night I made him a no sew superman blanket.

I have so many projects going right now it's crazy. I have 2 knitting projects going, a cross stitch pattern I'm working on, 7 soon to be 8 or 9 Christmas gifts that need to be done, I have a few wedding pictures getting printed so I can put them into frames, plus kinda playing around with my sewing machine to get used to it now that mom has fixed the problem for me. I also have been doing lots of origami as well.  On top of all of this I think I'm coming down with a sinus infection (oh joy) we shall see here in the next few days if I'm right or not.

I was surprised to find out tonight that my name was drawn for a gift from my friend Deb's blogs 700th post. I actually had to reread my name 3 times to make sure I wasn't seeing things as I am sitting here with out my glasses on and am having to squint to type this out. So please pardon any mistakes as I'm blind as a bat with out my glasses on. Why then do you ask am I not wearing them, well thats simpel my headache isn't as bad with them off as it is whith them on.

Off to go lay down and try to get some sleep.