Friday, March 2, 2012

What a way to end a Month and start a new one

What a week I have had. Spent Monday and Tuesday at the court house helping a friend, Wednesday We hung out with Richards aunt and grandparents who are up for the start of the Ididarod, yesterday we stayed home so we could relax and I could finally get caught completely up with chores and dishes and his sister arrived up from Ninilchick. I have no clue what the plan for today is, We will go where the wind takes us I guess.

Now that Richards' family knows, I can now post it on here, 2 weeks ago, so February 17th Richard lost his job at Home Depot. He lost it due to being late to many times, the real kicker is, is that most of the time he was late was due to his manager talking to him as soon as he walked through the door and not letting him walk back to the computer that you can sign in on which was at the back of the freaking store. What made me mad about how he was "let go" is that Tuesday he had an interview for a full time spot at the store and was told he would know Friday if he got it or not. Then come to find it it was like Hey so you're fired we were only teasing about the job, ha ha ha. What a slap in the face, I mean why interview him if you knew he was going to be fired in a matter of days? Why get our hopes up for full time to be told sorry denied and oh by the way you no longer work here. I am very displeased with Home Depot and it will be a while before I physically step foot in one again. I mean at least with Lowe's we had an inkling of an idea it was going to happen, there was no warning or anything this time. AND don't even get me started on how they gave him his last paycheck, which was a FREAKING JOKE! So he is now applying for a new job so hopefully he gets one soon, in the mean time we get to hang out together, which isn't much of a difference from when he was working cause he only ever worked from 5am-9am for them and I didn't get up till 8am so yeah not a big change for us, just now we stay home more.

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Jane said...

So stupid! I hope he finds a job soon.