Friday, March 30, 2012

Knitting Frenzy

Scarf I knitted for a little girl named Cassandra who's mom works with my mom

First set of fingerless gloves I made myself

Headband I made for myself

Second set of fingerless gloves, cat toys and a bag for my moms ipod

I have been in a knitting frenzy since last Wednesday, this is everything I have made in one week. I'm still knitting too, I am now working once again on the blanket I have been knitting on for a while now, this time I'm not going to stop till I'm done with it. My only problem with the blanket is because there is so much of it I can only do a few rows at a time because I get to warm with it in my lap and start getting tired, but I figure if I do a few rows every day or even take a break from it for a few hours then come back and work on it some more in the same day that here shortly it will be done. I also have someone who is thinking about having me make her daughters scarfs and is willing to pay me so I worked out a price with her and am just waiting to hear back from her if she wants me to make them or not.

Mom's ipod bag I made up on my own, I got the idea from a dear friend of mine who crocheted me a bag for my ipod which I absolutely love, I use it all the time when I take my ipod in my purse, it's great at keeping the screen from getting damaged. My one and only problem with it, is that there is no way to keep my ipod in the bag, it slides out. I kept that in mind when I made moms and threaded a piece of yarn around the opening that way mom can cinch it shut and not have to worry about her ipod and headphones falling out of it. She seemed to really like it, and said she would use it.

Richard and I have joked around about me starting up a knitting business, I dunno if I would want to knit all the time, nor do I know if people would actually buy the stuff I do knit after all I'm just still learning how to knit and am still doing just really basic patterns. In fact Richards Aunt Kendy sent me a link on how to make bunnies so I will tackle that one when I get the blanket finished. 

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Jane said...

I want a bunny! :)