Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Ch Ch Ch Changes

Change is a brewing over here, I'm sick of how some things are with me so I'm going to try and change them. I have set a goal for myself and I hope I stick with it and can accomplish it. It starts on July 12th and ends on July 11th of next year. Why those dates? well because July 11th of next year I turn 30 and I want to accomplish this before I turn 30. I want to reach a certain weight by then, for personal reasons I will not tell you how much I weight now. I will however let you know when I get halfway to my goal, and how much weight I have lost. If I manage to make it to my goal or past it, I will be THRILLED. I'm going to be really testing my self control this go around. I did really well back before I took the trip to California in May of last year. I sadly let that trip get the best of me and never got back to dieting. and gained most the weight back but not all of it. So since I had such success with that I'm going to do what I was doing then again. Which was just basically cutting back how much I eat, no calorie counting just cutting my servings down. Calorie counting I have found out is not a good way for me to go about losing weight, I get discouraged to easily. I am sorta starting now but wont officially start till after my birthday this year. We shall see how well this goes, so wish me luck!

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Anonymous said...

Your Tall AuntieK is very proud of you.