Thursday, February 6, 2014

Shoe hurting painting

Here I sit with new shoes on my feet thinking, ugh I hate breaking in new shoes, it's such a pain. This is the first pair of new shoes I have had in about 3 years, yes you read that correctly my last pair lasted me 3 years. I loved those shoes, but they have fallen apart way to much to be worn in the winter now, lets just say I have been suffering from wet sock syndrome for the last few months and it sucks so glad to have the new shoes even if they do kill my feet till I get used to them. I just hope I can adjust easily cause I'm going from having rocker bottom shoes back to normal ones.

I need to get back into updating this thing more often, even though I know not a lot of people read this, it's more for me anyways. I have always found writing a journal to be a big stress relief even if it's just random stuff that goes through my head and I edit what I put on here cause there is just some stuff that the entire world does not need access to. So that's a goal for this year, to update this more frequently. We shall see how well I do.

I have converted my sister-in-law into yet another monster. First time I did it I converted her into an Alaska Aces fan, this time it's Color-Me-Mine. She is going to try and come into Anchorage once a week to paint with her boyfriend. Now to just get mom to go in and look at the stuff they have, I'm not giving up on that one it will happen!

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