Sunday, February 7, 2010

New truck a pill popping

We got the '04 Dodge Dakota! Everything checked out and it's in great condition! In fact there it is in the picture above sitting in our parking spot, isn't it purty? It handles great, which is nice to know seeing as how it had snowed for the last couple of days. The only problem we have is the neighbors who live above us, she uses the spot next to our for her explorer and parks damn near on the yellow line making it hard for us to just pull into our spot, we have decided to back into our spot and have put a complaint in to the landlord about it.

So Thursday was my Doctors appointment to go over my lab results. She was happy with the results except for the high cholesterol and lack of Vitamin D, which I was expecting. I am not flirting with being a diabetic which is nice but she says I am pre pre diabetic and that I can easily become a diabetic if I don't take the steps now to stop it. We also found out that I am insulin resistant so am now on medication for that, along with having to take a multi vitamin, vitamin D, Folic Acid, Fish oil, fiber and my allergy meds. I am a pill popping fool at the moment and it's only going to get worse. The Rx that I'm on I have to increase the amount I take by 1 pill a week till I'm up to 4 pills a day, which at that time I will be taking 15 pills and a nasal spray! I never thought I would be taking so many pills in my entire life, but if it helps me get better and loose weight I am all for it right now. I am on day 3 of taking 11pills a day and doing good. Oh and in a couple of months the pill amount will go down once I get my vitamin D levels up where they need to be.

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