Friday, February 12, 2010

Feel the Burn Baby!

So I got a new game for the Nintendo Wii today called EA Sports Active. This one doesn't require the fitness board which is good seeing as how I am to heavy fort the board at this time. But this game is I believe TONS better than the Wii Fit one. I was sweating like a pig in a wool blanket in 90 degree weather. I really feel it now too! SO I do believe this one is going to work great and it is only about an 18-20 minute work out but man oh man I was dragging by the end of it. I had to go take a hot bath just so I could bend my legs to walk. Hopefully I can keep this up.

In other health news, I am once again sleeping through the night *happy dance* I love being able to sleep through the night, the doc was right, my lack of Vitamin D was causing my sleep problems. Today I also up my pill intake by one pill. So far everything seems to be going ok and no major problems to worry about.

till later
Adios and much love

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Jane said...

Good for you for working out! :)

And glad the vitamins are helping.