Sunday, November 14, 2010

Bored of being bored

What do you do when you do the same thing everyday for a month and then realize that you are so bored that those things that you have been doing aren't fun anymore? That's basically where Richard and I are at the moment. Our days are spent on the computer looking for jobs or on facebook, watching Netflix, reading, playing video games or going to one of my meetings. We can't afford to do anything else besides stay home. Monday we are going back to the gym, since we have to pay for the membership, might as well use it. But then its going to be the same thing every day just adding in a work out as well. I have also noticed that I'm bored eating, which isn't good. I'm working on my blanket that I'm knitting but I can only do so many rows in a day before my eyes start having problems and I can't concentrate any more. I stay up till about 2-3 am and am up by 10:30 the next morning if not sooner to only repeat it again.

A friend of ours came over to hang out for a couple of hours today, and then tomorrow we get to go see a friend of mine that is up from Texas to visit, so it will be fun to hang out with her. But other than that, nothing to do. If you guys have any suggestions please feel free to share them with me. I am even going to start working on puzzles so hopefully that helps a little bit as well. I might end up going mad from boredom, we will have to wait and see about that though.

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Jane said...

Coloring books? I used to do that a lot while watching TV. :)