Saturday, May 2, 2009

red heads and sun do not mix. Parking Problems

So yeah we have been having wonderfully nice sunny days pretty much all week, weather has been in the upper 50-60s. I went outside today for all of an hour. One freaking hour and now my arms and face are sun burned. My arms are worse than my face but still an hour! It has been said that red heads burn easier than any other hair type, not every one knows this but I have red hair. Mind you its only red highlights but I guess it still counts because I burn way to freaking easy. Oh well for the rest of the summer I will put sun screen on.

At my apartment complex, each apartment has their own assigned spot to park, that way we know that we will have at least one spot guaranteed. Anyways since our neighbors next door to us have moved in which was last I believe October we have been having problems with people parking in our spot and other neighbors spots or behind our cars so we can't get out. I went and complained to the land lord about it last November and she gave me letters to put on the cars when I see them parked where they don't belong. I have used these letters time and time again and still their friends don't get the idea that they aren't supposed to be parking where they park. Today Richard and I came home from going to his work to see a friend and there is a honda element I believe is the car parked in the spot next to ours but over the line so we can't safely park in our spot. i got the letter walked up the the lady who was in the car and calmly explained why she couldn't park there. She didn't take the letter, she said she was parked there cause she had to go to the bathroom. She did move her car but didn't get out. Richard and I went off again to go get dinner, when we returned she was gone but I have a feeling that once we left she moved back to where she was. If I see this car in any spot besides visitor parking I am going to call the land lord, cause the letters aren't workiing.

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