Sunday, April 26, 2009

A trip around the rink.

Kenai trip 032

I started out not liking this picture of me at all and have now grown to like it. Its actually not a bad picture of me. This picture was taken at the look out in Kenai for Mt Redoubt. Richard and I went Monday. then Richard, my friend Mandy and I went again on Tuesday, this picture of me was taken on the Tuesday trip.

Kenai trip 014

this picture and the one below it were both taken on the Monday Trip. I don’t know why but I love this picture of Mt Redoubt off in the background I guess a lot of it has to do with sun reflecting off the ocean.

Kenai trip 011

close up view of Mt Redoubt Steaming up the place. Both the trips where a lot of fun and I actually want to go back again. It was just so Beautiful there.

In other news Richard and I went to two Aces Hockey games, one yesterday and one today. The Aces won both games, yesterday was 3-0 and today’s final score was 8-2. I had a great time at both games, of course now my throat hurts and my voice is all scratchy cause I was yelling and cheering on my team like any fan would. My cow bell got quite the work out as well as my voice and the arm that held it.

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Jane said...

I really like that picture of you! So pretty! And that place does look peaceful. Glad you had fun at the games! :) Hopefully your throat gets back in shape soon.