Monday, April 13, 2009

Expensive Shoes = happy feet

                   expensive shoe

That is a picture of my very expensive shoes. those shoes cost my mom $245.00! The reason she bought me these shoes is I have Plantar faciitis in my left heel. These shoes will help me get rid of it and also help me loose weight, by working out my legs, back and stomach. Give it up for multipurpose shoes! The best way to describe the shoes is that it simulates walking on sand, by rocking your foot as you walk. Plus you walk heel first in them and that’s how I naturally walk so its not that much different for me. Mom heard about these shoes from a lady at her work who swears by them and I can see why, I love them they don’t hurt my foot when I walk in them. Plus the soles are so thick that I’m taller while wearing them.

Easter was a lot of fun, Richard and I went to mom’s house for dinner. Mom cooked a ham, her sweet potatoes that she learned how to make thanks to Deb, and green beans. It was a nice family dinner, my brother was even there because Arby’s was closed for Easter. After dinner Richard and I talked mom into playing a game of Phase 10. Where she proceeded to kick our asses and win the game, it was her first time playing the game! Mom just got lucky is all, no wait we let her win, yeah we let her win. Seeing as how there is no way to let someone win that game I am just being funny. But she had fun and so did we.

Today will consist of me going back over to mom’s house to do laundry. Richard will come home for lunch and take me over so I can get it done while he finishes the rest of his work day. I really kind of enjoy going over to moms for laundry because I can hang out with Josh (my brother), just the two of us and either play video games or watch something. Mom likes it too because we never used to get a long and now we are becoming friends instead of enemies. I think she likes it because there is peace in the house because we don’t fight anymore.

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Jane said...

I'm glad you got the shoes!! It doesn't hurt to walk now, plus, who doesn't want to be taller? :D