Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Summer days, and Kramer wars

It has been absolutely beautiful here the sun has been shinning, birds singing and hot weather. I love all of it besides the hot weather making the apartment a sweat box, the later in the day it gets, the warmer the apartment gets so by 6-7pm its almost 80 in here. I have been putting ice in Kramer's water dish so he has cold water, poor cat you know when he is warm cause he sprawls on the floor and doesn't move. all the windows are open to an extent because of the black cat coming around and attacking Kramer through the windows we can't have them open all the way, just enough to where Kramer can hardly put his paw through to the screen unless we are sitting next to the window then its wide open.

Yesterday I went for my second walk, I know I said I would be going everyday but I got busy this weekend with Aces games and I figured walking up and down the stairs at the stadium was good enough exercise for the weekend. Richard came with me last night and said he would go with me every time I go. I tend to go around 8pm when its not to hot and Richard has had time to relax after work. We just go up the street a bit and back but its about a half hour 45 minute walk depending on how far we go. And yes I woke up to my left foot protesting the fact that I walked yesterday. But you know what, tough for it, it loosened up after I hobbled around on it for a couple of minutes.

I think I finally broke Kramer of wanting 2 cans of wet food a day, I haven't given him his second can for 5 nights already, he just doesn't ask for it anymore so why give it to him. Only down side of giving him his one can in the morning is when he decides he wants it he has no qualms about coming into the bedroom and meowing at me till I get up to give it to him. Its an on going fight between me and the cat to see who gets their way. He starts his meowing at 7am and continues till I get up and feed him. some days that's at 8am and other days like today it was at 10:45am cause I can ignore him if I am tired enough. It's funny though cause he tries his hardest to get me up, by walking on me, meowing in my ear, patting my face with his paw, licking me, and headbutting me, to just laying on me and purring really loud.

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