Monday, May 25, 2009


Books litter the floor

All of them read at least once if not more

She started reading when she was young

At first just to broaden her vocabulary

But now they are read to pass time

To go places she will never go

To escape reality for a while

To get lost in a good book

What a day she would have

Curled up in a chair

Turning page after page

Till the story is complete

Getting so immersed in the book

Name called time and time again

With no answer to be had

Because in her head

She was in a different land

Only snapping back to reality

When someone tapped her on her shoulder

Many authors have been read

A few made the list to read again

More made the list of never again

Never regretting giving them a try

For how would she know if she liked them

if for not giving them a go

Today you can almost always find her

In a chair of her choice

With her nose in a book

It may be a favorite book

Or one she just bought

she will enjoy it just the same

1 comment:

Jane said...

Great poem! I like the visual aspect, too. :)