Wednesday, July 30, 2008

here it goes again

The last two nights I have made it an hour on the treadmill WOO HOO! I never would have been able to do this with out headphones, I would have given up due to bordom. I also met a lady there who was impressed with me coming to the gym every day and walking. She said she had seen me a few times and she noticed I come in everyday and go to the treadmill and work out and that seeing me do that has encouraged her to keep coming to work out. Who knew that wanting to get myself healthier would have an impact on other people. I am surprised by this, I didn't think I would impact anyone by wanting to improve myself.

In other news, mom came over for dinner last night. She called me up and asked whats for dinner I told her spagetti and she said she would be right over. She also asked if she could take the diet pop we had so she would have some at home cause they were out and she only has 15 dollars in her bank account till Friday.SO I let her take it, we don't drink it and it was in there for her anyways, for when she came over. She also made the comment to the fact that my fridge was damn near empty my reply was yeah we need food but have to wait till friday as well.

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Jane said...

Seeing others working out often inspires people. I'm glad that lady told you. You inspire me, too! :)

I hear yah on the empty fridge thing. I just went to the store, and I was LONG overdue to go.