Friday, July 11, 2008

Its my party....

Mom hade a raggedy Ann cake made for me
cause grandma made one for her on her
25th birthday and yes the glasses
where added cause I wear glasses

The cake after the ride home, the pieces where

taken out at moms house

The front of the shirt that I got at Lone Star

cause they messed up our orders at my

b-day dinner

Back of the shirt

Free coupon I got cause off the mess ups at

dinner, like Richard's steak being to rare then over cooked

and my Ribs being way to salty.

Moms meal was fine Lucky her.

1 comment:

Jane said...

What a neat cake! That must have taken some time. Very cool.

And I like that you have a Texas shirt now! Woot! I want a pic of you wearing it with a huge cowboy hat! Haha.

I'm glad you had a good birthday, Steph. :)