Sunday, July 20, 2008

Not in high school no more

Owie I hurt! Yup I was right, my arms didn't hurt at all yesterday, untill we went to the gym. I only walked like 20 minutes on the tredmill then it was off to the weight machines. I only did 20 minutes on the tredmill because I don't want to over due myself and not want to go to the gym, plus 45 minutes is a bit long and just a little too much pain to handle at the moment but I will get there again soon.

It was getting close to Richard and I finishing our work out and he decided to go do bench presses and I stood there watching him thinking my god I could never do that. He benched about 95 pounds 10 times gets up and then does squats. He puts the bench back and I start to walk off and he goes "its your turn." I informed him that in high school I couldn't even freaking bench the bar by itsself what makes you think I can do it now. His response was your not in school anymore. So Bravely and feeling a bit stupid cause I know I can't do it. I get the bar and bench it 5 times and go ok, this is too easy. Mind you the bar itself ways 45 pounds. so he adds weights and makes it 55 pounds I bench it 5 times still way to easy.
Ok so at this point in time I am impressed cause 1 I benched the bar and it was too easy 2 he added weights and it was still to easy and 3 I didn't think I was this strong in the first place. I am also wishing that my high school gym teacher was there so I could rub it in her face that I could bench more than the bar that I could hardly bench in her class. Richard changes out the weights and makes the bar weigh 65 pounds, I'm thinking my god I can see it now woman crushed to death by 65 pound bench press. I lift it up and bench it 10 yes you read that right 10 more times. Ladies and gentlemen I am floored. Richard is impressed and patting me on the back going way to go hunnie. All I can think about is my god my arms are going to kill me on Sunday!
I was right my arms hurt yet again. But will feel better by Wednesday when I go work them out again. My legs never really hurt after Thurday so Tomorrow when I go I will work them a little more. I have also stopped dinking pop and am now watching how much I eat. Plus I don't really get that hungry anymore anyways. WOOT! things are looking good for me.

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Jane said...

I am so happy for you! You are really doing it! :D :D