Thursday, July 17, 2008

Oh Baby make it hurt so good

I got brave and the last two times I have gone to the gym I have actually worked with the weight machines as well. On Tuesday I worked my upper body mostly my arms and chest and of course abs, and walked on the tredmill. Took Wednesday off to recover from Tuesday good thing because I was having problems moving my arms cause they were sore and it hurt. Today we went and walked on the tredmill then I worked my lower body, you know the legs and butt. I am just now starting to feel the pain so I can only imagine what tomorrow will bring when I wake up. My arms don't hurt half as bad as they did yesterday and Saturday I figure they won't hurt at all till I of course go back to the gym and you guessed it work out my upper body again. We are going every other day to the gym and its working out great for us. If I keep going at this pace I will look good in no time at all. I weighed myself the other day and have lost 4 pounds so far. woo hoo!

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Jane said...

You are so inspiring! I love to read how this is working out for you. Keep it going, girl!