Monday, May 6, 2013

Queen of the Sickness

Here I sit sniffling, sneezing, coughing, wheezing and feeling like someone is stabbing my ear. I get winded just standing up and these dang rubber bands around my chest aren't any fun. If you guessed I'm sick yet again you win an internet cookie to be delivered never. :-) That's right yours truly is sick, this time with Asthmatic Bronchitis and an ear infection. This all started Thursday with a nasty sounding cough and morphed into what I described earlier. The bright side to all of this is the mild fevers I was throwing from Thursday night to Sunday Night are now gone. So I no longer go from freezing to death to sweating to death in .005 seconds. I am however still pretty miserable. I have crowned myself the queen of sickness cause when I get sick it's never anything simple.

Richard has been a real champ through this whole thing so far, I have pretty much stayed in bed so I can pass out and not have to worry about anything. He has brought me drinks and food and switched out the discs in the dvd player for me so I can just rest. Last night he even slept out on the couch for me so I could try and get some better sleep last night. I still woke up every half hour or so but I didn't have to worry about being quiet and not waking him up with a coughing fit. I am truly a very lucky lady to have such a caring husband who feels bad that I feel like crap and tries to make it better for me any way possible. He was even willing to call in sick today to take me to the doctor if I wanted him to. Which he didn't, I had mom take me after she got off work and she even forfeited her lunch to get out earlier so she could take me sooner. I am very blessed to have both of them in my life.

I'm now very much on the dead side so off to the bedroom I go.

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