Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Oh to Drive

It's days like today when it's beautiful and hot out that I wish I could drive. I would be out maybe walking at Potters Marsh or just driving or even find a cool place to investigate with my camera and take pictures. Instead I'm in my apartment with a melted cat, daydreaming. Yes I could go outside and just sit but that gets boring and where I live there really isn't a good place to do that, with out being bugged by the kids in the daycare wanting to know what you are doing. I could go for a walk but, I have seen it all around here and there's no real place to walk to besides either a gas station or Safeway. Plus I am a very social person so I want to be able to hang with friends while doing said stuff.

I wish I had more friends too, don't get me wrong I have friends but I only have a few close ones that I actually hang out with, and one whom lives in a different state. The ones I do hang out with are busy so I can go weeks if not months without seeing them.

I'm not really complaining, it's just hard sometimes being by myself all day and wanting to do something but not being able to due to the fact that I can't drive. I have tried and tried and tried the job thing and they never pan out. I get so sick while working, or I'm not the right fit and get let go. I just wish there was an easy way for me to go places that wasn't public transportation. I don't have anything against public transportation besides the fact that it costs money and is a pain to get to from where I live. I need like a golf cart, or a segway (however it's spelled) so I can just take off and get away from the apartment for a bit during the day.

Ok complaining is done. I have more important things to do like washing dishes.

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