Saturday, September 1, 2012

Minecrafting sewing pants

I have gotten sucked into a video game/computer game, all thanks to my brother. For quite a while now he has been into Minecraft on the computer. For those of you who don't know what it is, it's a game where you can make pretty much any kind of building your heart desires by mining materials and crafting them. I have watched him play and make some pretty spectacular buildings for well over a year or 2 now. He has made a fire breathing dragon, a huge library (see mom I can spell it right even if I don't pronounce it right), numerous houses of different designs and sizes. He is very creative, you should see some of his drawings. I have always been jealous of his skills. Anyways, he had me try out the game on the xbox 360 and I kinda liked it for how long I played it cause it was just a demo. I had it in the back of my mind for a while and I started having the urge to play it more and more so I forked over some money and bought it for the xbox and started playing it. The more I played the better I got. I managed to make a swimming pool complete with diving board and a couple of houses. I am in the middle of making my biggest house yet on that version of the game. I have even set that house on fire, on accident and was able to save 98% of it thanks to the fact that I had water on hand (my brother says I'm a true player now cause I have set a building on fire).

I also have Minecraft on the computer as well. Why you ask, well because it was the first version of the game and you can do more stuff on this version plus the world is 8 times bigger then earth. Lots of places to explore and get lost in. Yes you can indeed get lost in the game, it's happened to me before and even my brother a few times. You can also die in the game either from monsters at night, falling from high up, drowning, or burning up in lava. I easily lose track of time while playing the game, in fact yesterday I sat at the computer dang near the entire time Richard was at work playing the game. So yeah I'm addicted thanks to my brother but that's ok cause it gives us something to talk about with each other. Which sometimes will drive my mom nuts cause he will want to show me what he has done and she will want to go somewhere.

In other news, I did in fact use the sewing machine I got, till it started acting up on me, I haven't used it since cause I need mom to take a look at it and see why it's binding up all the sudden. So it's just sitting on the table at the moment cause I keep forgetting to bring it with me when I go up to moms house or have her come in to look at it. Well that and mom has been working a ton of overtime and has been extremely tired so don't want to push something that can wait. She has a week off coming up in a few weeks but she will be busy getting ready for the nursing conference that is happening here. It will get looked at sooner or later not in too much of a hurry.

A local clothes shop that I frequent is closing at the end of the month, which sucks big time. I go there to buy my pants so I have no idea what I'm going to do for pants after they close. Mom is taking me there today to get me a few pairs if there are any left in my size. Most of you are thinking what's the big deal just go to a different store to get pants. Well the big deal is, is that I hate hate hate HATE pants that sit across my stomach have been that way since I was little. It's not comfortable to me plus it actually  aggravates a stomach problem of mine. I can do skirts perfectly fine but for some reason jeans or most any kind of pants constrict and cause the problem to flair up. So I wear leggings that sit on my hips. I guess I will have to start looking in catalogs for pants that look like they will work till I lose some weight. 

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