Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A new Challenge

I have a sewing machine now. I had toyed with the idea of getting one for years but they are just so expensive. Mom has two and then bought a friends that she was selling and I mentioned I had been wanting one so I got the one she bought from her friend. Mom then gave me a bunch of  fabric that a different friend of hers gave her because she was moving. The bag of fabric I got also had a bag of thread in it. I'm thinking today of just kinda goofing around and getting a feel for the machine. I haven't really ever used a sewing machine but I have some ideas of things to make. But first I want to get comfortable with using the machine before really going off and making things.

I have gotten a few other supplies for sewing, I have a tape measure, fabric scissors and pins. I just need the rotary cutter and cutting board. mom said she would let me have one of her cutters and borrow a board I just need to go get them/ pester mom about them.

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Deb H said...

How exciting! Let's play, right after our handy man gets the leak in the roof fixed, the stair-rail cut, (he has a special tool), I need help with a light install ( I think my DH bought the wrong box), & the water line is still acting weird!