Saturday, August 4, 2012

Operation Organazation

I just spent the last hour de-cluttering  the living room and kitchen. In the kitchen all I did was get stuff off of the top of the fridge and put it where I thought it belonged and cleaned off the top of the microwave of everything except my few puny cookbooks that I have. In the living room I got rid of an organizer on the computer desk which really opened up the desk and makes it look nice, and threw away our piece of crap never worked right printer that we got for free when we got our computer. I also moved my camera bag to under the desk instead of on top of it. Then I went over to our gaming shelf that holds all our games and game systems and took all of our walk through and put them in the entertainment center behind solid doors so you don't see them. Where they once were are now two black storage bins (blends in with the shelf) that hold all of the game controllers. Just this tiny bit of organizing has made a big difference to the apartment. I still have more that I'm going to do but that will have to wait till tomorrow as I have run out of energy and it's now after 10pm so I can't make a lot of noise. I still need to tackle the spare room, the stereo shelf in the living room and maybe the closet in the bathroom.

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