Thursday, September 20, 2012

Rain Rain GO AWAY!

This is Archimedes from The Sword in the Stone, this is also how probably a lot of Alaskan residents feel at the moment after a week of nothing but rain and looking forward to more rain for another week. We have a small lake in the parking lot of our apartment complex right in front of the dumpster of course, so I have to wade through it to throw anything out. Mom even has a corner of the backyard that is under water at the moment. I have a feeling it isn't going to stop raining till it starts snowing. I keep expecting to be carried away by all the water. Thankfully though the wind has finally stopped blowing. 

I spent this week helping out mom getting stuff ready for the nursing conference that is going on Friday-Sunday. I typed up a bunch of stuff for her so she could finish up some other stuff that needed to be done. I think I was able to help her out and take some of the stress off of her for a bit. I also stapled packets together for her as well. I was all about the paperwork, and helping her remember to do stuff. 

I have also come up with a great gift idea for my brother, with a little help from mom on what to do with it. I would love to get it done by Christmas but in reality it will probably get done by his birthday next year and that's ok. I found a bunch of patterns of Mario characters and objects on the internet this morning for bead fusing but I'm going to cross stitch the pattern instead and then combine all the squares of cross stitching into a wall hanging quilt. I was able to print off the patterns while at moms today with out him finding out about it, now I just gotta make sure I have the right color threads and figure out how big I want to make each character then start stitching. This might be the first major sewing project I do. Of course hopefully with a little help from mom. 

Also I need to finish knitting my shawl and knitting my blanket as well. Hopefully I will get those done this winter. I just haven't been in the right mood for knitting. I also need to catch up on my reading too. So much to do and all the time in the world to do it and yet all I manage to do is play computer games and video games. 

A really good friend of mine has moved back to state, I'm so happy to have her back. I ran into her, her hubby and their little boy at the store the other day and we are going to try to get together and do something this Sunday. I so enjoy spending time with them. She also wants me to teach her how to knit, which I will gladly do once they find a place of their own to live. She can't hang out at my place due to being allergic to cats. 

Well I do believe I have rambled on enough for this post, I think I will try once again to get some sleep.

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