Saturday, September 8, 2012

Wild Wind Wednesday

Tuesday Night/Wednesday Morning we had a pretty bad windstorm blow through Anchorage. This poor May day tree and one farther down sadly didn't make it through the storm. You can see how bad it's leaning into our driveway at the apartment, right after I took this photo maintenance came and took it down.

We lost power at 10pm Tuesday night and didn't get power back till 4pm Thursday, that's 42 hours with out power (YIKES!). That was by far the longest I have ever gone with out power, needless to say I don't want to do that ever again and am very thankful that this didn't happen in the middle of winter. Sadly the food in the fridge didn't fair so well and it spoiled, on the other hand we only lost a few things from the freezer. Thursday morning we took the frozen food over to moms house where we have a freezer that we bought a few years ago for extra storage as our freezer here is on the small side. It's still there as we have yet to go back to get it, but will be doing that tomorrow while we do laundry.  The major thing I didn't like about not having power is Richard and I sleep with a fan on more for noise then to help cool us down but it does both which is a plus. Going 2 nights with out it was tough, neither one of us slept very well with out it. Thursday night we both slept through the night and didn't wake up till the alarm went off to get Richard up for work. Today we went shopping and replaced the food that went bad, mom was nice enough to help us replace the food as well so a BIG THANK YOU to her.

In other news, I wasn't able to get any pants from the clothing store that's closing but I was able to get a few shirts and a nice fall jacket. They were completely out of the pants that I liked, I figured I wasn't going to be able to get any but it would of been nice. I do love the shirts and jacket I got though, I was in desperate need of some new shirts so that worked out really well.

I have also set up a few goals for myself in the month of September, one is I'm not going to drink any soda for the month, the other is I'm going to try and lose 20 lbs this month. So far so good. I have lost 4lbs and haven't had a soda. Tuesday I walked 3 miles on the treadmill then haven't walked on it since but, for good reasons. Wednesday and Thursday as you know I had no power and my feet have been hurting ever since the 3 mile walk. I believe I over did that just a little. But come Monday I will be back on the treadmill and will only walk prob a mile and see how it goes from there. I do have a plan for increasing how many miles I walk. Just got to be careful about it.

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