Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Lab Results Are In the car is Broken

Friday I got my lab work results in the mail. The good news is I'm not diabetic which is a huge relief, I didn't think I was but knowing for sure makes me feel better. Now the bad news, I have high cholesterol, Not so high that I am in any real danger of anything but I need to get it in check and lower it. I also have a vitamin D deficiency, turns out a pretty bad one at that. My mom is on the low side of normal and has to take vitamin D and I am worse than her. The test says that normal is between like 30-40 or something like that and I am at 7.6 so I am really lacking in that department. I have an appointment with the doctor on Thursday and we will go over the results and agree on a treatment plan to get the cholesterol in check and get my vitamin D levels in check as well. But other than those two things My lab work is Normal and where it should be.

The Land Rover is yet again in the shop because it refuses to run. Friday when Richard tried to go to work in the morning the car started he put it in reverse and the damn thing died and he couldn't get it started again. Luckily for us mom didn't have to go to work till 7:30am so Richard gave her a call and she took him to work. We are borrowing his mom's car while ours is in the shop. I think it is rather funny that the car breaks down every year between the months of January and March, it never fails. They weren't able to look at it before the shop closed on Friday so we still don't know what's wrong with it hopefully we will have some answers here tomorrow or Tuesday.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Yup, that's what I thought

Lets see I have to go buy more professional clothes and a pair of black shoes. Only problem is, is that DVR only gave me $150.00 for new clothes and the place that I go to get clothes is expensive the pants that I wear every day cost 60 bucks a pair. I have no clue how I am going to find clothes that look fitting for office work. Oh well they can always just give me more money down the road for clothes. The lady I'm working with right now for the work assessment wants to come shopping with me I don't know how well that's going to work but we shall see I guess. She has no idea what she is getting herself into, at least that's what mom says cause I hate shopping for clothes!

Richard has come down with a cold which means that I am most likely going to get sick in the near future. He came home early from work today not looking good and feeling like crap. Poor guy, he even crashed on the couch for like an hour and a half. Mom was nice enough to go get us some dayquil, ginger ale, orange juice and cranberry juice so we have stuff to drink. She also told me not to kiss Richard which I informed her it was too late cause we were kissing last night and before he went to work this morning so the damage has been done. I will either catch it or I won't.

I keep wondering about my lab work and how it turned out, my hope is that no news is good news, or that she is just waiting for our appointment on the 4th to tell me the results of everything. I hate waiting to hear if I am healthy or not. I prob have stuff that I need to change and have to go on some med for something or another. Who knows, I am going to try and not think about it till the 4th which really isn't all that far way. I of course will do what ever it takes to get healthy and keep things in check.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

fasting + cookies = headache

I had to fast today to get some blood work done as part of my annual check up with the doctor. I have a headache now, only because when I got home from the check up I ate cookies instead of actual food food and not just sugar. I have learned my lesson. On Feb 4th I go back in to find out the results and hopefully they come back and say that I don't have diabetes. My doctor was also very into helping me loose weight and helping me get pregnant. Which totally psyched me out and makes me feel good that she is going to discuss ways to help me loose weight. SO things are looking good for the new me in the new year.

I have an appointment with the lady who is going to help me make my resume and do the work assessment on Tuesday. From there she will find a place for me to work and see if I like the work I'm doing and if I can handle the stress of it all. So things are looking good on the job front as well.

Monday, January 11, 2010

My New Hair, part of the new me

^^^Before I got it cut

After it got cut

Saturday I decided it was time to cut some of my very long very hard to care for hair off. As you can see in the pictures It's still long but it's a heck of a lot easier to care for and looks tons healthier. It needed to be done and I am glad that I did it. But I am also glad that the people who I wanted to have see me with really long hair were able to see it, and that I fulfilled a promise that I made myself 6 years ago this coming Wednesday. This will be the length that I keep it at, long enough that I can pull it back and put it up but short enough that I can keep it maintained.

This is one of the few things that is Part of the whole new year = new me theme that I started this year, another one as you know is the diet which seems to be going well, I am also going to stop doubting myself and putting myself down, which I have a tendency of doing because of my weight. Oh and the fact that I am going to end up with a job this year, who knows what else I will change and have become the new me, the year has just started. Look out world!

Friday, January 8, 2010

New Year = New Me! and well other fun stuff

<--- Twins! That's Richard's Aunt Kendy and me at his grandparents Christmas party. No, we didn't plan on matching like that, that was a total and freakish fluke. We both knew we both had purple shirts for the party but didn't know that they were going to be so close to matching just a different design and one slightly darker. It was amusing when we got around each other at the party to hear people tell us that we matched.

When we got back from vacation I went to the doctor for my toe and was told that I might be diabetic and to get tested for diabetes. They tested me there and my blood sugar was 135 which is high but I had also just eaten pretty much an hour before I went to the doctor. I have an appointment with my actual doctor instead of the doc-in-the-box that does walk ins on the 14th of this month to do the annual check up and get blood drawn to see if I am indeed a diabetic or not. I will also ask her if she has any tips to help me loose weight besides eating better and exercise which I am already starting to do. Since I got back from vacation and saw that I gained 7 pounds I started watching what I eat and have lost 12 pounds as of today. So I am doing something right but still need to see if there is more I can be doing.

Also on the 14th of this month I have an appointment with DVR and a lady that will help me do my resume and get me a place to work for 2 weeks more or less to see if I can handle that kind of work. I won't be getting paid but if I can handle the work I might be able to get a job sooner rather than later so we will have to wait and see. I hope I can handle it and that it is structured enough for me.

Richard and I have rearranged the apartment. Our bedroom is now the spare room cause it actually had more room. our couch is now split up into to rooms, the living room and the spare room and not only that the part that's in the living room is now where the tv used to be, our computer is now out in the living room next to the Tv and our DVD's instead of being in the dinning room are now in the spare room as well. I still have a lot to clean and organize before Sunday when we have friends coming over to hang out but I will get it all done either later today or tomorrow.

This weekend I am also going to cut some of my hair off. It will still be long but not as long as it is, its just to hard to take care of at this length and the ends are really damaged and need to go away. The friends I wanted to have see my hair this long saw it and loved it and told me to keep it long so I will but just not as long as it is. I am thinking just at either the middle of my shoulder blades or just at the end of my shoulder blades I haven't decided yet. I will post a before and after picture once I get it cut.