Thursday, January 14, 2010

fasting + cookies = headache

I had to fast today to get some blood work done as part of my annual check up with the doctor. I have a headache now, only because when I got home from the check up I ate cookies instead of actual food food and not just sugar. I have learned my lesson. On Feb 4th I go back in to find out the results and hopefully they come back and say that I don't have diabetes. My doctor was also very into helping me loose weight and helping me get pregnant. Which totally psyched me out and makes me feel good that she is going to discuss ways to help me loose weight. SO things are looking good for the new me in the new year.

I have an appointment with the lady who is going to help me make my resume and do the work assessment on Tuesday. From there she will find a place for me to work and see if I like the work I'm doing and if I can handle the stress of it all. So things are looking good on the job front as well.

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Jane said...

I can't do that either (eat sugar after no food). I get sick.

Hey, have you ever thought about going on the Biggest Loser? I love that show! I could actual KNOW a famous reality star! Haha.

Good luck with the job. Keep us updated. :)