Friday, January 8, 2010

New Year = New Me! and well other fun stuff

<--- Twins! That's Richard's Aunt Kendy and me at his grandparents Christmas party. No, we didn't plan on matching like that, that was a total and freakish fluke. We both knew we both had purple shirts for the party but didn't know that they were going to be so close to matching just a different design and one slightly darker. It was amusing when we got around each other at the party to hear people tell us that we matched.

When we got back from vacation I went to the doctor for my toe and was told that I might be diabetic and to get tested for diabetes. They tested me there and my blood sugar was 135 which is high but I had also just eaten pretty much an hour before I went to the doctor. I have an appointment with my actual doctor instead of the doc-in-the-box that does walk ins on the 14th of this month to do the annual check up and get blood drawn to see if I am indeed a diabetic or not. I will also ask her if she has any tips to help me loose weight besides eating better and exercise which I am already starting to do. Since I got back from vacation and saw that I gained 7 pounds I started watching what I eat and have lost 12 pounds as of today. So I am doing something right but still need to see if there is more I can be doing.

Also on the 14th of this month I have an appointment with DVR and a lady that will help me do my resume and get me a place to work for 2 weeks more or less to see if I can handle that kind of work. I won't be getting paid but if I can handle the work I might be able to get a job sooner rather than later so we will have to wait and see. I hope I can handle it and that it is structured enough for me.

Richard and I have rearranged the apartment. Our bedroom is now the spare room cause it actually had more room. our couch is now split up into to rooms, the living room and the spare room and not only that the part that's in the living room is now where the tv used to be, our computer is now out in the living room next to the Tv and our DVD's instead of being in the dinning room are now in the spare room as well. I still have a lot to clean and organize before Sunday when we have friends coming over to hang out but I will get it all done either later today or tomorrow.

This weekend I am also going to cut some of my hair off. It will still be long but not as long as it is, its just to hard to take care of at this length and the ends are really damaged and need to go away. The friends I wanted to have see my hair this long saw it and loved it and told me to keep it long so I will but just not as long as it is. I am thinking just at either the middle of my shoulder blades or just at the end of my shoulder blades I haven't decided yet. I will post a before and after picture once I get it cut.


Deb H said...

The purple shirts are grat Steph.

Sorry to hear about the possible Diabetes, bur better to start fighting it now than waiting until you've lost your vision & kidneys & end up on dialysis! I need to swear off sugar myself. DM runs in my family. Maybe tomorrow, after the party!

Jane said...

The purple shirts thing is funny. :)

Glad to hear you are doing well on exercising and eating better. I'm glad you are getting tested, too. :Hugs: