Thursday, December 30, 2010

Songs and Video Game Nerds

I have had 2 songs stuck in my head all week and it's driving me nuts! I start singing one then it some how morphs into the other one. The songs are Raise Your Glass by Pink and Secrets by OneRepublic. I am a big fan of Pinks so it's no wonder why I like her new song. But OneRepublic is new to me and I think I like Secrets so much is because it just has a great beat to it, its kinda of a melding of Rock and classical music.

Richard is playing a video game where he is flying a plane and having to do missions and I have noticed out of the corner of my eye that he moves his body to help with his control of the plane, like moving is going to help it at all. He was trying to get his plane to pull up so it wouldn't crash into the water and he started leaning back in the chair. I know for a fact that he isn't the only video game player that does this, cause I do it and I have even seen my brother do it. It just amuses me that we get so into our games that we think it's going to help, but it never does, it just makes us look goofy.

I can't watch him play the game he is playing because I start getting sick to my stomach, I have motion sickness and certain things can trigger it, like a video game that moves around to fast because the camera is spinning or something, I just start getting dizzy and feel like I want to toss my cookies. The weird thing is, if I am playing a game where I have control over the camera angle and make it spin, I wont get sick but if I watch other people I will. An example of this is a Wii game called Boom Blox, I can controll the camera really well and not get sick but if we are playing the game with mom I turn green because she can't control the camera at all and all it does is spin the game around really fast. I mean it even makes Richard sick. I can thank my dad for the motion sickness, transparently he had it really bad too, he had to either be driving or in the front seat of the car or he would get sick. This is one thing I wish he wouldn't have passed onto me. Oh well.

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