Saturday, December 11, 2010

Cookie Madness

It's Christmas cookie time at moms house again. Every year we get together with a friend of mine and make way to many cookies. In the picture there is 2 different kinds of peanut butter blossoms, one with cherry kisses and one with dark chocolate ones, we also made ones with Carmel and mint truffle as well. there is also stacked up in this picture the sugar cookies from Pillsbury with Christmas trees, snowmen and reindeer on them. We also made M&M cookies, chocolate chip cookies, some kind of cookie that used cake mix, (I didn't like those ones) and Rice Krispie treats. Those rice krispie treats aren't the regular ones either, my mom got the recipe from her boss and they are soooo much better than the regular ones. I can't eat regular ones anymore cause they just don't taste right to me anymore. We started making cookies at 11am and were done by 4pm leaving moms house smelling like cookies.

There was a little drama before we could start making the cookies though, moms truck was to be in the shop this morning for an oil change but she also had a meeting at work to go to so last night we let her take our truck home after dropping hers off at the shop. When she got up this morning the dang truck wouldn't start, she ended up having to call a friend of hers to take her to work for the meeting. Once the meeting was done, she borrowed her bosses car to come get Richard to go get her truck then head back to the hospital to give her boss back her car. Then they came and picked me and my friend up and we all went to moms house, ML and I to start with the cookies and mom and Richard to see if they could get our truck started and over to the shop to be fixed. They were able to jump our truck and got it the shop just fine. It had been acting like it wasn't wanting to start for us when we would go start it up to go somewhere but would always start up, we figured it was because it was cold or the battery was going out and we needed a new one. Well it was in fact the battery not wanting to hold a charge anymore, so we now have a new battery in the truck. So all and all a busy day for us.

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