Sunday, December 26, 2010

Kramer attacks the Zhu Zhu Pet

Richards parents got each one of us a Zhu Zhu pet, which is basically a motorized hamster toy. They thought it would be a great gag gift and it was. I decided to see what moms cats would do when we got to her house for Christmas dinner, they kinda just followed it around and sniffed at it. After dinner Richard and I came home and decided to see what Kramer would do. He had a completely different reaction to the toy, he watched it for like 2 seconds then attacked it, he does this every time it starts to move across the carpet. I had to grab my camera and get a video of him attacking it, of course once the video was on he really didn't go after it but I was still able to catch him attacking it. The gag gift turned into a great cat toy. Anyways here is the video I hope you enjoy it and yes there is sound.

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Jane said...

Cute! :) My little brother got some for Christmas.