Sunday, December 19, 2010

End of the year review (a few weeks early)

This year has defiantly been interesting to say the least, there have been ups and downs this year, which is pretty much usual of any year. We started out the year having to get a new truck because the Land Rover broke down yet again and it was cheaper to get a new one. I was dealing with an infected toe, that I ended up having surgery on in March where I had part of my toenail permanently removed, it took it till about August to finally heal completely. I did my work assessment for DVR at a company I really liked working at but they didn't have the funds to hire me on. The first part of July Richard hurt his back while at work and was put on light duty for about 2 weeks and he was in a great deal of pain but recovered, Thankfully.

Richard and I had some good adventures this year as well, we went gold panning with a friend then hung out with him at his camp site with a fire going and just chatting, we went up to Fairbanks and back to town in 1 day, which was a long trip but we had fun. Went out to Potters Marsh a couple of times, Made it out to Homer for a day with mom for something to do. Then of course there were a couple of trips out to the valley to visit his folks, Oh and his Aunt Kendy came up in March so we got to hang with her for a bit. So that was fun and exciting and lots of pictures were taken and posted on Facebook. Oh I also mended a friendship earlier this year as well.

The one big negative thing that happened this year was that Richard lost his job in October, he still hasn't been able to get another one yet. He has been out of work for over 2 months now, on the bright side its been great having him home, on the not so bright side, we do nothing cause we can't afford to do anything. We are getting along great with each other and haven't had a fight so that's a plus, our main problem is lack of things to do. I know that when the time is right, and the right job comes along it will all fall into place and things will go back to normal, for now we are just holding our heads above the water and praying that a big wave doesn't come and drown us. I have managed to stay pretty dang healthy and haven't yet had to go to the doctor so that is a big plus, Richard re-injured his back helping his dad but it wasn't to bad and the bill for going to the chiro was manageable and paid off .

Here's hoping that next year is as good as the good parts of this year were and no where near as bad as the bad parts of this year were. Or heck an even better year all around then this year would be cool too.

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