Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Kramers love for human food

I took this picture of Kramer a few weeks ago but didn't want to post it with out a good story to tell about Kramer, well today I finally figured out something to say about my cat. He loves to beg for human food, special sandwich meat, like turkey and roast beef, he also has a very bad sweet tooth. This cat has come up to me many times and has stolen a bite of a pop tart, cookies, peppermint bark, basically if its sweet and in my hand he wants to try it. He also has stolen bites of chicken tenders and has even stolen a piece of peperoni off of a piece of pizza before. Kramer just loves to steal food from me, if I know he likes it I will share a few pieces with him, or I get the Puss-in-boots eyes and very soft pleading meows.

Because I know of my cats fondness for human food I will call him over to me to see if he wants to try what ever I am eating, that is if he is around when I'm eating it. Now it doesn't matter where he is or what he is doing but if either Richard and I open a can of tuna Kramer is in the kitchen in 5 seconds begging for some, we only ever give him just the smallest itty bitty amount and that's only every great once in awhile. Today I was eating some sushi and Kramer was around so I called to him and he was over to me in 3 seconds flat. I held the sushi down to where he could smell it and he wanted nothing to do with it. The cat that loves tuna wanted nothing to do with the sushi. He is a very strange cat. OH and he loves, loves, loves ice cream.

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